Funkiest t-shirt find ever!

What a find! Bought this swanky t-shirt from the Lions Gate Thrift Store yesterday for $1. Washed it and now it's ready to be repurposed!

I'm going to make cutie patootie stuffies out of the bunny designs.

I'll use a thrift store t-shirt with a bright colour for the back of the stuffie.

Super stoked to make these. Some will be plain ole stuffies, some will be Xmas ornament stuffies and maybe some will be stuffies for a kid's back pack. Why not!

Here's to getting crafty! Could be a pretty zen-ful DIY. Fun times!

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  1. I'm so jealous! That bunny is Fifi Lapin, who appeared in a book and a bunch of Le SportSac bags in 2010.