Easy peasy giftie for that special someone

The countdown is on... Saturday's the big day. Have you made something crafty filled with love for that special someone? I have! Awww love!!

My giftie involved reloving a thrift store find from ages ago. This $1 mini photo album was the perfect fit for my sweetheart...

A book of memories with the last couple pages left blank. We're gonna write our own happy ending together. Who knew I was such a sap?!

I got a few of my Instagrams printed plus added this quote to the beginning. Whenever I would stress about how we were gonna find ourselves together, Roly would always bring up this quote. I sent it to him after we met... So this is a big part of our love story.

I printed photos of us, him, me, moments...

Then trimmed the photos. I used adhesive photo corners to add a photo to each page.

I slid a photo of us into the front pocket...

Here it is...

Love the photos, the sentiment... I also enclosed his DIY wedding band to the back page. That's definitely part of our happy ending!

As he predicted ages ago...

After I added the photos, it really needed something more... I found these heart-shaped wooden buttons from Button Button. I thought these would be perfect to help keep the album shut.

I glued one button to the front and one to the back then added ribbon.

A super simple way to keep the album closed plus looks very sweet.

And that's it... That's how to 'sappily' a thrift store find.

Happy Valentine's Day! Best wishes for a day filled with love, joy, happiness and possibility! xo

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