Crafting with 'Crap' class two how to

Had another awesome evening with my Crafting with 'Crap' peeps at Quest University Canada. We made jewelry and more out of old wool sweaters. Such a super fun group - we chatted, we laughed, we hugged it out and crafted up a storm!

Here's class 2's how to... Next up is class 3 - how to make an organizer out of salvaged wood.

Download the PDF and make swanky floral brooches out of 'junk'!


Crafting with 'Crap' How Tos

Lovin' my Crafting with 'Crap' class at Quest University Canada! I have 6 super awesome and keen students. It's such a blast!

I started on mini how to's to give out after class. Here's class 1's how to... I'll be working on class 2 and 3's this weekend.

Download the PDF... One sheet with photos plus the tips and tricks to making kewl stuff out of 'junk'.


Funkiest t-shirt find ever!

What a find! Bought this swanky t-shirt from the Lions Gate Thrift Store yesterday for $1. Washed it and now it's ready to be repurposed!

I'm going to make cutie patootie stuffies out of the bunny designs.

I'll use a thrift store t-shirt with a bright colour for the back of the stuffie.

Super stoked to make these. Some will be plain ole stuffies, some will be Xmas ornament stuffies and maybe some will be stuffies for a kid's back pack. Why not!

Here's to getting crafty! Could be a pretty zen-ful DIY. Fun times!


Crafting with 'Crap' class one

Thursday was the first of six classes in my Crafting with 'Crap' continuing ed course at Quest University Canada. We've got six students signed up to upcycle junk into masterpieces.

Class one... Wine cork jewelry! My FAV project! But first I needed to collect supplies like cut wine cork rounds...

Funky origami paper from Murata at 15 East Broadway...

Wine cork rounds, paper, Mod Podge, jewelry making items, etc! All good to go...

I made some sample earrings using origami paper... Love the rainbow design!

What a fun class! We have a lovely mix of students and we just crafted like crazy. Wine cork jewelry, fridge magnets, metal washer pendants and more!

Here's a pic my awesome upcycling peep Inis from Squamish ReBuild took. So much crafty goodness to be had.

Next week is upcycling old clothes. Big thanks to Quest University Canada and to my super duper students. Happy crafting!


Let the wedding dress adventures begin!

DIY wedding bands are good to go... Next up? My wedding dress using 'restyled' thrift store finds! Here's what I'm starting with - a $4 dress from the Lions Gate Thrift Shop. It's a light grey with a silk-like texture. It's size 16 and I'm size 8 so there's a ton of trimming that needs to be done!

My plan is to create a very simple and elegant dress that I can jazz up somehow - yet to be decided. First step is 'restyling' the dress to fit me. And thankfully my super talented crafty peep Karen from Endure Upcycled Designs has agreed to help!

As you can see it's quite big on me. Maybe I'll create something from the scrap pieces. A bracelet with a floral detail using bits of the scrap fabric. Who knows!

Here's the pin up job we did... Pulling in the sides, snipping here, snipping there plus making the scoop line lower.

It's gonna be fun! After we trim the dress then we get crazy and creative! I'm going to stew on ideas the next two weeks then we move to phase two. SO EXCITED!

Here's Karen and I ready to kick upcycling butt...

Karen makes awesome stuff... Definitely check her out at In Good Company at 67 Lonsdale Avenue.

Looking forward to my dress 'restyling' adventures with Endure Upcycled Designs... Rings - done, dress - in the works... April 30th can't come soon enough!


Feeling so much crafty goodness!

Well 2015 is starting off with a bang! So many awesome things in the works and coming down the pipe. The best part is surrounding myself with super kewl peeps. Two of my DIYs were posted recently on LowerLonsdale.ca.

First up DIY mittens using repurposed sweaters...

And then just in time for Valentine's Day this easy peasy how to was posted, DIY lavender sachets.

Not only am I writing for LowerLonsdale.ca, I'm now the Vancouver Makers Digest Curator for The Makers Nation. Nifty! Subscribe at The Makers Nation List.

It's not all work! Been out and about seeing my crafty and upcycling peeps like these two cutie patooties at Urban Source.

In other news... My continuing ed class at Quest University Canada starts up tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting my Crafting for 'Crap' students!

And I just found out I'm giving an upcycling workshop as part of the GardenSmart Workshop Series, a program through North Shore Recycling Program, the Edible Garden Project and the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre. The GardenSmart Workshop Series demonstrates sustainable gardening techniques that help North Shore Residents reduce waste, support our local ecology and grow their own food.

Register at www.eventbrite.ca.

And that's it for now... I'm lovin' 2015! I'm working on a few bigger projects plus getting ready for my wedding at the end of April. Bring it on!


Crafting with 'Crap' starts up Thursday

And the countdown is on! Crafting with 'Crap' starts up on Thursday and I'm super stoked!! I'm finalizing my course outline this weekend plus gathering materials. It's gonna be tons of fun!

I have two awesome guest speakers for the class. First up is Inis LeBlanc. Inis is the Founder and Executive Director of Squamish ReBuild. She'll tell us all about Squamish ReBuild, what they do and what you can find there then we'll work on a project with her.

And then we have my uber talented friend Karen Yaremkewich. Karen (aka Endure Upcycled Creations) is a Squamish-based upcycler, crafter and artist. Her work is super inspiring in how she creates decor, clothing and costumes out of repurposed materials. We'll work with her on an easy DIY upcycling burlap.

Looking forward to meeting my students and making funky stuff out of 'junk' together. Big thanks to Quest University Canada for getting me hooked up in their continuing education program. 2015 is rockin'!


Easy peasy giftie for that special someone

The countdown is on... Saturday's the big day. Have you made something crafty filled with love for that special someone? I have! Awww love!!

My giftie involved reloving a thrift store find from ages ago. This $1 mini photo album was the perfect fit for my sweetheart...

A book of memories with the last couple pages left blank. We're gonna write our own happy ending together. Who knew I was such a sap?!

I got a few of my Instagrams printed plus added this quote to the beginning. Whenever I would stress about how we were gonna find ourselves together, Roly would always bring up this quote. I sent it to him after we met... So this is a big part of our love story.

I printed photos of us, him, me, moments...

Then trimmed the photos. I used adhesive photo corners to add a photo to each page.

I slid a photo of us into the front pocket...

Here it is...

Love the photos, the sentiment... I also enclosed his DIY wedding band to the back page. That's definitely part of our happy ending!

As he predicted ages ago...

After I added the photos, it really needed something more... I found these heart-shaped wooden buttons from Button Button. I thought these would be perfect to help keep the album shut.

I glued one button to the front and one to the back then added ribbon.

A super simple way to keep the album closed plus looks very sweet.

And that's it... That's how to 'sappily' a thrift store find.

Happy Valentine's Day! Best wishes for a day filled with love, joy, happiness and possibility! xo


Feeling the love at the Valentine's Crafternoon

Saturday was the Valentine's Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library. Man I love my NVCL peeps! Such a fun and fabulous afternoon! We had about 50 participants - all ages, all skill levels. Half regulars, half new participants. Yay for Crafternoons!

Here's one of my regulars... He made some upcycled toilet paper roll containers.

Another regular who was super stoked about his flying container... Seriously kids are awesome!

Getting all goofy cause that's what I do... Me with my friend Margaret's tissue paper bouquet. Practicing for my wedding in the spring. I look the part of a bride I hope!

New participants who made a swanky wool sweater purse with a gorgeous beaded handle. I know these guys are coming back!

Another newbie... Such a lovely lady who made a burlap purse that totally coordinated with her outfit.

And my helpers! Awwww love these two! Thankfully they stuck around after with a few other people to help me clean up.

Such a cutie with a couple of her projects. A heart-shaped pillow out of old clothing and a toilet paper roll heart-shaped decor piece.

My friend Adriana popped by and cranked out three gorgeous DIY cards.

More Crafternoon newbies...

A couple of my regular participants... These girls are keeners and love to craft!

Adore my Crafternoons!! Feeling the love...

Another newbie who will definitely be back. She made this awesome purse out of an upcycled wool sweater and fabric samples.

Awww total cutie patooties with their toilet paper roll heart-shaped decor pieces. So darn sweet!

Thanks to everyone who came out and crafted with me! Also tons of gratitude going to the North Vancouver City Library for always being so supportive of the Crafternoons. You guys are AWESOME!

Best wishes for a wonderful Valentine's Day! Hope you feel the love, give the love and spread the joy. xo