Upcycling Demo with Our Social Fabric

Here's the how to for the demo I gave at the Our Social Fabric fundraiser on Sunday. It's a great way to repurpose that old t-shirt that may have outlived it's original purpose. We're upcycling it into a funky headband. Here's the step by step...

Find an old t-shirt to relove, wash it then cut 6 strips 1" in width (note: feel free to use only 4 strips). Cut strips from the bottom of the shirt to the top. The cuts don't need to be perfect.

Take the 6 strips and group them into 2 bundles of 3.

Place the first bundle of 3 in a loop. Then place the second bundle of 3 as a smiley face on top.

Take the bottom right leg of bundle 1 and place it on top of bundle 2.

Place the left leg of bundle 2 under the loop of bundle 1.

Place the right leg of bundle 2 up, under and over bundle 1.

Now pull each end to create a knot.

This is how your headband should look.

The last step is to close the headband. I created a slit in a few of the ends then pulled the other ends through. Note: feel free to sew the ends together instead.

I tied a knot once I pulled the loose ends through. Now you're done and ready to wear your DIY headband.

Here's my DIY headband... My hair's pretty short so may not look the best on me but this is an awesome way to repurpose old t-shirts!

Here's the downloadable PDF...

Big thanks to OSF for including me & TBD in their fundraiser. Was a super fun event!!

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