Simple thrift store vase update

Soon I'll be finishing up my chair update and prepping for January/February Crafternoons. In the meantime I worked on a mini DIY this weekend. I bought myself 'flowers'... I never buy flowers but I got myself a little treat - a bunch of pussy willow branches. But alas I didn't have a vase! No problem!

I bought this vase for $1.99 from the Salvation Army. It was perfect!

I then decided to jazz it up with some twine and junk jewelry.

I added Mod Podge along the rim then wrapped twine and a necklace around the rim. I used clothes pegs to keep the twine and jewelry in place while the glue dried. I also added a shell detail to the front using a jump ring.

Next was adding rocks to keep the branches in place. Very earthy, simple and hopefully elegant!

It's done... Easy peasy!

Not the best photo but here it is in its forever home.

Such a fast and cheap way to customize a thrift store vase!

2015 is already so darn FAB and filled with craftiness. Yay!

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