Prep for upcoming upcycling workshop & demo

This past weekend was filled with craftiness! Wine cork buttons and earrings plus Crafternoon prep. I have two events this weekend - an upcycling workshop with the City of Richmond on Saturday and then an upcycling demo in partnership with Our Social Fabric on Sunday.

I'm prepping easy projects that I can use for both events. First was a finger knitted wristband using an upcycled thrift store t-shirt. I started by cutting two long strips. I used this video tutorial which made it super easy to follow along, DIY Jersey Knit T-Shirt Bracelet Tutorial.

Once you have the two strips you then follow the video to create one long piece of t-shirt 'thread' then you start weaving and knitting the strip into a wristband using three of your fingers.

It took about 15 minutes from beginning to end to create my wristband. Kewl!

Not bad for a first time!

I love the t-shirt I choose!

Next up was a DIY headband. I made one of these last year out of an old tank top. I think this one turned out better!

I also found a no sew way to finish up the headband versus sewing the ends together.

Here's the final headband. I might actually wear this! I wasn't sure I needed one with my hair so short but it looks kind of funsie!

And now I need to collect old t-shirts for Saturday's workshop. I found these today at the Lions Gate Thrift Store - $1/each. I tried to pick funky colours and designs. The purple t-shirt is definitely going to be a pillow cover. And maybe I'll even keep it!

I think I'll try one more easy peasy DIY for the Our Social Fabric upcycling demo then work on more sample projects for the Crafternoon with the City of Richmond.

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