My new FAV store, Murata on Broadway

It's official - I have a new FAV store. It's Murata at 15 East Broadway. They have AWESOME origami paper. It's now my go to place for funky paper.

You can buy origami paper in all sizes - big sheets, half sheets & mini pieces.

I've had bad luck finding exactly what I want. The paper I've found is usually too plastic-y or something. But this paper - it's 100% Japanese origami paper. So pretty!

I'm not using it for origami though...

Really lovely store... And super nice people working there!

These are the sheets I bought... I'm making wine cork buttons and earrings. I may even sell them in Murata.

Last night I started on a bunch... I'm doing a series of 'Raincouver' buttons and earrings. Oddly enough it was pouring last night as I glued, trimmed and varnished.

Cutie patootie umbrellas...

Also working on other designs...

Pretty darn swanky! I love how the design especially the gold comes out once you start adding coats of wood varnish!

Coat two is drying... These will be done soon enough. So darn easy!

Definitely check out Murata if you want to make your own wine cork masterpieces. There's a lot of choice with the origami paper!

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