My free teak chair - before & after

Here it is... Such a sad chair needing a bunch of TLC. I received this free teak chair from a friend last summer. It needed me!

First was cleaning up the teak, gluing it a bit and removing the old icky fabric. That was the easy part!

My first attempt at reupholstering the chair started with a dark grey ultra suede... Boring! Or more classic I suppose... But after spending time working on the seat and the back rest the suede tore on the back rest. Ugh! I had to redo it...

When I was finally ready to try again I decided to go for vibrant over classic... I found this awesome fabric at Fabricland. Thankfully they had a 30% off sale!

Here's my combo - a textured turquoise for the seat and a funky design for the back rest. Why not!

Then I was back to reupholstering the chair... The seat was easy peasy. The back rest was a bit picky. I finished the seat then took my time with the back rest.

Once the upholstery was done, I glued the teak plugs in then sanded. Took less time than I figured it would. Love it when that happens...

Once the sanding was done then I added teak oil and it was complete!

Here it is! So darn pretty!

Teak and turquoise look darn good together!

I'm pretty happy with my tack job... I tend to use upholstery tacks instead of a staple gun.

Here's the back... I think the placement of the design on the back rest works!

And here it is... Soon to be in someone else's happy home!

From sad and drab to fun and fabulous... Yay!

Next up - posting it to Craigslist and moving on to other furniture updates that I'm taking way too long to complete!

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