My 2014 top 10+ list

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you had a super fun evening! I'm stoked for 2015 especially since 2014 ended on a high note personally and for TBD. Here are the top 10+ highlights of 2014...

1. 20 Workshops!

I hit a Crafternoon record this year! I went from 9 Crafternoons, 5 articles about TBD, 3 articles by TBD, 1 presentation and 1 TV segment in 2013 to 20 Crafternoons, 3 articles by TBD, 1 TV segment and 1 radio segment in 2014. December was the craziest with 8 workshops and then the TV and radio segments. Feeling very lucky I got to craft with so many new and old peeps!

2. Shaw TV Segment

Not only did I get to craft on Shaw TV's go! West Coast but I met two totally awesome people - Dunia and Matt. They came over to my place - we had coffee, Xmas goodies and crafted. Was such a wonderful experience!

3. CBC Radio Interview

And then there was my crafty gigglefest on CBC Radio's The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn. What a blast! We talked all things last minute DIYs for Xmas. Big thanks to Gavin Fisher for finding me and setting up the segment. So much fun!

4. LowerLonsdale.ca Contributor

I've been lucky enough to connect with kewl peeps this year including the team behind LowerLonsdale.ca. I've contributed two DIY tutorials thus far. Here's to making FAB things happen with these guys in 2015!

5. Neighbourhood Small Grant

Vancouver Foundation's Neighbourhood Small Grant Program is awesome! The NSG grant covered the costs for four upcycling workshops this year. 4 workshops, 160+ crafters, definitely priceless! Big thanks to Vancouver Foundation for the grant and to the North Vancouver City Library for partnering up and providing a space for the upcycling workshops!

6. Adventuring in NYC

Best trip EVER! I trekked around NYC for 6 days on my own... Seeing kewl stuff, meeting neato peeps and getting inspired. Adventures are the best for refuelling, getting you inspired and forcing you out of your shell. I gotta go back to NYC soon!

7. Another Trek to Havana

And then I was back in Havana to see my person, Roly. Sometimes you get what you want just not how you expect. I found the most amazing guy that I get to have adventures with and love deeply. It's just a teeny tiny bit 'complicated'. Such is life! So what do you do?! Ya gotta go for it. True love is da bomb!

8. Another Date with Trade School Vancouver

I had my second workshop in partnership with Trade School Vancouver in November. It was a fantastic evening of crafting - turning 'junk' into swanky jewelry. TSV is such a great concept... I met so many fun people plus received tons of coffee and crafty supplies in exchange for the Crafternoon. Sign up to attend or give a workshop at www.tradeschoolvan.com.

9. Personal Website Redesign Plus Testimonials

I decided to rejig my tagline and then personal website (www.denisecorcoran.com). This year made it clear to me it's time to transition into who and what I want to be. Slowly but surely I've become the person I was always meant to be. So I went from 'web designer, crafter extraordinaire, upcycler of things' to 'community catalyst, crafter extraordinaire, upcycler of things'. We are who we define ourselves as. I want to meet people, share ideas, craft together and be a positive force in this world. Why not!

I also collected testimonials from Crafternoon partners and participants. Feeling very grateful to have so many kick butt people in my life!

And in the process I designed some mini Moo cards just for me! A bit goofy but that's me in spades.

10. Quest Continuing Education Class

This year I moved on from my contract gig with Quest University Canada. I had been with Quest for 8+ years. WOW! But it was time to pass on the torch. Such an amazing experience to be part of building a brand new university! And next I'll be part of their Continuing Education program in 2015. I'll be teaching a course called Crafting with 'Crap' - it's 6 evening classes starting Thursday, February 19th.

In Other News...

I set up my TinyLetter account this year. I've sent out three newsletters so far. Love TinyLetter! Subscribe at www.tinyletter.com/ThriftyByDesign.

And I also set up a YouTube channel for TBD. Fun since I had a couple of things to add!

Ending 2014 with Tons of Gratitude and Thanks

Finally big thanks to all the people who have helped move TBD forward either by sharing their ideas, inspiring me or just by being plain ole awesome.

I'm pretty lucky to have met Rebekah from The Hive Printing this year. Her and her partner Norbert are the best of the best. Rebekah's one awesome BFF!

Love connecting with crafty peeps you meet with via mutual friends, Instagram and Facebook like Karen from Endure Upcycled Designs. She's fun and definitely inspiring when it comes to making kewl stuff out of 'junk'. Hoping to partner up with Karen for a workshop soon!

Then there's my new crafty peep, Lindsay Coulter. She's the Queen of Green at the David Suzuki Foundation. I joined her for a soap making evening. I ended up giving it all away... Apparently the soap was really good!

So that's it for 2014... It was filled with challenges, leaps of faith, milestones, love and possibility! Here's to 2015 being even more crafty and fulfilling! xo

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