More DIY gifties in the works!

It's official - new addiction alert!I keep buying glass containers from the thrift store and filling them with DIY goodness then giving them to friends. First off I bought these.

And then these two...

Love the shape of this one. The front was just asking for a facelift of some sort.

I decoupaged, added chalkboard paint and then filled them with DIY bath salts. This is my first stash of updates... Pretty!

It'a all in the details...

Those are gone and off to happy homes so yup I needed to start collecting more! Super easy to find glass containers for cheap at the thrift store.

And more... Seriously - I have a problem!

Next up - it was time to make DIY hot cocoa mix. I bought some dark chocolate bark - one with hot chilis and one with sea salt.

I found these this week. I decided to use the set of four for my next batch of gifties for friends. The four were $2.50. Not bad! Glass containers from the thrift store average $0.69 to $0.99. For two of these I decoupaged the lids. The other two were destined for chalkboard paint.

I painted the lids white then decoupaged. I finished them off with a coat of wood varnish.

Two jars done, two to go!

First layer is the white sugar and cocoa mix...

Then a layer of grated dark chocolate...

I added the marshmallows and then was done! Now off to their happy homes...

Easy peasy DIY... Love it!

I still have tons of containers to fill with crafty goodness. Sharing is caring!

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