Hello Wonderful feature with Tara Galuska

A couple of weeks ago my crafty peep Tara Galuska asked me to be part of her blog series, Hello Wonderful. Of course I said yes! It's a great series, she's pretty awesome and who doesn't want to be called wonderful!?

She sent me a series of questions to answer. I wrote up my responses, collected a few photos and sent them off. Yesterday the TBD feature was posted. Read it at Let Me Introduce You To The Wonderful Denise Corcoran Aka Thrifty By Design.

This is Tara... She's super crafty. You can find her at tons of local craft shows plus at one of my FAV local haunts Bird on a Wire on Main Street.

Or you can get to know her by watching this video. Bird on a Wire has a fun series of videos on YouTube featuring local artists whose wares you can find in the store.

Big thanks to Tara for making me feel extra wonderful! Love my crafty peeps!


  1. I am so glad that you are part of the series! Also pleased it helped you feel extra wonderful because you are.

  2. Thanks Tara! And I definitely do feel extra specially wonderful! :-)