DIY wedding bands - who knew?!

It's so fun being a thrifty, crafty kind of gal. It really is. My latest FAV on my hit list of upcycling goodness is my DIY wedding bands. I'm not one for fussy, expensive jewelry so for me this just made sense. And my partner seems A-OK with it.

Years (and I mean YEARS) ago I used to wear gold jewelry. Not anymore. I also never wear bracelets. I recently found some old jewelry - a mix of gold and silver pieces. I love the bracelets and then the ring with the alexandrite. But the rest not so much.

The earrings, necklace and plain gold ring were sent off to be melted down. But what to make with them?! Well I was able to get two wedding bands made from those three pieces. Yay!

Here are the bands... So darn pretty! I went to Trio Diamond and Gold Jewellery at 26 - 1501 Lonsdale Avenue. They rock! And the rings cost $190 + tax. Not bad! All I paid for was the labour. And the rings look great!

Before and then after... I knew I would never wear these pieces again so glad I found a very good use for the gold.

I even have this funsie box I can store them in until the special day. Don't you just adore small wooden boxes from Poland? I do! I have a few I've collected from various thrift stores. This one seems perfect for the wedding bands...

Maybe I'll make something that the rings can sit on inside the box.

Here are the other boxes I've collected. I'm not into too many tchotchkes but you can never have enough funky wooden boxes, can you?

Next up I'm taking photos of my free teak chair update. Once that's done then I'll be finding a happy home for the chair.

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