You can now find TBD on YouTube!

I love learning new skillz! Not just new tips and tricks when it comes to crafting but also nerdy stuff. Here's a prime example... I wanted to post the interview with CBC Radio's The Early Edition. I thought it would be easier for family and friends if I posted the clip instead of the whole show. And some people weren't able to play the audio file on the CBC's website.

Easy peasy! And thank goodness for Google and Apple support. Step one was recording the segment on my fancy dancy new MacAir using QuickTime.

Next was creating a video file to upload to my TBD YouTube channel. I imported an image then imported the audio file into iMovie. Next was exporting the file in a format that would work on YouTube.

Now to get some simple TBD branding up on YouTube. First I designed a basic cover image...

YouTube provides a template PSD file which makes it even easier to customize your channel.

And that's it! I updated my profile photo, the cover image and then uploaded my two files - the segment with go! West Coast and with CBC Radio's The Early Edition. Done!

You'll find both files in the 2014 TV and Radio Segments playlist.

Listen to the CBC segment here.

Watch the go! West Coast segment here.

Next up? I added a YouTube icon to all of my websites... First was www.denisecorcoran.com...

Then blog.thriftybydesign.ca...

And finally www.thriftybydesign.ca.

What a FAB Xmas break... I saw family and friends, I crafted AND I got geeky. I suspect I'll be redesigning all of my TBD sites and social media channels in the next couple of months. Time to refresh! Onwards and upwards!

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