My love affair with TinyLetter

OK I am lovin' TinyLetter! So simple and easy to manage. I don't have many subscribers yet but I'm stoked to use TinyLetter as a way to keep my crafty peeps up to date on upcoming workshops, TBD news and more!

Find me at www.tinyletter.com/ThriftyByDesign - you can access my newsletter archive plus subscribe!

I'm tweeking the design... Hoping to add design elements from Thrifty By Design and my personal website, www.denisecorcoran.com. Kookie and crafty... And funsie!

Here's the backend of TinyLetter... See what you've sent, how many opens, subscribers...

Want to stay in the loop on all things TBD - workshops, news, happenings, etc. Subscribe at www.tinyletter.com/ThriftyByDesign.

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