Hitting a record with Crafternoons!

I've been wondering why I feel a teeny tiny bit tired lately. Turns out I've had 8 workshops in the past 3 weeks. Wow! Then wrote up two DIYs for LowerLonsdale.ca plus filmed a quick DIY ornament segment with go! West Coast. And I almost forgot - I sold some of my TBD wares at a work craft fair. Phew!

My crafty, upcycling this year has definitely outpaced last year. Here are the stats by year...

  • 2013 included 9 Crafternoons, 5 articles about TBD, 3 articles by TBD, 1 presentation and 1 TV segment
  • 2014 included 20 Crafternoons, 3 articles by TBD and 1 TV segment

Pretty darn good stats! Find all of my 2014 events on my TBD site.

And I already have a few workshops set up for 2015. For now I've got Crafternoons scheduled with City of Richmond's Environmental Sustainability Workshop Series. Download the brochure here. I hope to have some tentative dates for workshops with the North Vancouver City Library soon.

Hoping to make 2015 even better than previous years!

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