DIY projects mentioned in CBC Radio segment

It's only taken me a week but here's the rundown on what DIY projects were mentioned in the CBC Radio's Last Minute Xmas Crafts segment on The Early Edition.

First up... My Xmas giftie for Stephen Quinn. A Mason jar update filled with DIY hot cocoa mix plus a festive cozy. Get the details at DIY hot cocoa mix plus festive sleeve.

Then there was the Mason jar update filled with DIY bath salts I gave to Amy Bell. Get the scoop on this easy peasy present at DIY bath salts and upcycled Xmas packaging.

We also talked jewelry out of 'junk'. I brought in my FAV project... Wine cork jewelry.

And another super simple DIY brooch - turning a button into a swanky accessory.

Or even making funky accessories out of old wool sweaters like this brooch. Tutorial found on MadeinMag.ca.

Then we moved on to last minute decorations like my new FAV project - these wool sweater trees. So darn cute!

Or a cutie patootie bird...

Then my awesome toque out of a felted thrift store sweater with floral embellishment.

Customized ornaments for my Mom... We didn't have time to discuss but brought these along as last minute gift and decor ideas just in case.

Or a gift card holder that can be reused as an ornament or even saved for next year.

And of course brought in ideas for iPad or iPhone covers that you can easily stitch up for friends and family.

And that was just about everything I brought in with me. Nice that my DIY bath salts and hot cocoa mix found happy homes. What a way to end 2014! Sharing is caring. Yay!

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