Christmas Crafts at Guildford Library

Yup you go it... I had another Crafternoon this week! This one was Christmas Crafts with Guildford Library in Surrey. It was my second workshop there. My last one was December 2013 and involved my biggest workshop yet. We had 70+ participants. It was crazy fun.

This time we booked it for a weekday evening and had participants register. We also capped it at 20 people to keep it more manageable.

Here's my Crafternoon partner-in-crime Meghan. She's showing off the wine cork earrings I gave her last Christmas. They look gorgeous on her!

We got set up, I gave my intro then we crafted!

Sample projects included wool sweater ornaments, accessories and gift card holders, wine cork ornaments, decor and jewelry plus cereal box ornaments.

Here's one of the wool sweater ornaments...

This woman was awesome! Her daughter signed her up for the class and she was so into it. As she stitched up her bird ornament she got more and more excited about the project. It was great to watch her glow with pride once her project was complete. Yay!

Happy crafter with his DIY wine cork tree. He brought his wife and daughter. They kicked craft butt!

Here's my new friend with her finished ornament. She was beyond lovely! Hope to craft with her again.

These two were the cheerleaders of the group... They woo-ed me after my intro. So darn cute and fun!

Another super awesome crafter... She was thrilled with her wool sweater brooches and then her 'joy' garland. This is why I love the upcycling workshops. I've met so many wonderful people!

At first this girl wanted me to do everything - find buttons for her, sew her ornament, etc. But then she owned it. She asked for help here and there then she did 90% of the ornament on her own. When you DIY you gotta let go of creating something perfect... It holds us back. Once you go with it - embrace imperfection then you actually do kick craft butt. You make something that's yours and that comes from the heart. That whole handmade thang is pretty FAB!

A bunch of crafty goodness...

Oh Elsa... My new crafty peep. She exuded 'joy'. Such a sweet lady who was really wonderful to meet. We're buddies now... Definitely crafting together again!

Another new friend... She DIY-ed, met new people, helped clean up and basically made some kewl stuff out of 'junk'.

Many thanks to Meghan and Guildford Library! This was my last big Xmas workshop of 2014. All were a blast! I got to craft with amazing people - I'm very grateful

Now to clean my place (Crafternoon supplies are EVERYWHERE), make gifts for friends and plan for 2015. Feeling pretty darn happy these days!

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