DIY projects mentioned in CBC Radio segment

It's only taken me a week but here's the rundown on what DIY projects were mentioned in the CBC Radio's Last Minute Xmas Crafts segment on The Early Edition.

First up... My Xmas giftie for Stephen Quinn. A Mason jar update filled with DIY hot cocoa mix plus a festive cozy. Get the details at DIY hot cocoa mix plus festive sleeve.

Then there was the Mason jar update filled with DIY bath salts I gave to Amy Bell. Get the scoop on this easy peasy present at DIY bath salts and upcycled Xmas packaging.

We also talked jewelry out of 'junk'. I brought in my FAV project... Wine cork jewelry.

And another super simple DIY brooch - turning a button into a swanky accessory.

Or even making funky accessories out of old wool sweaters like this brooch. Tutorial found on MadeinMag.ca.

Then we moved on to last minute decorations like my new FAV project - these wool sweater trees. So darn cute!

Or a cutie patootie bird...

Then my awesome toque out of a felted thrift store sweater with floral embellishment.

Customized ornaments for my Mom... We didn't have time to discuss but brought these along as last minute gift and decor ideas just in case.

Or a gift card holder that can be reused as an ornament or even saved for next year.

And of course brought in ideas for iPad or iPhone covers that you can easily stitch up for friends and family.

And that was just about everything I brought in with me. Nice that my DIY bath salts and hot cocoa mix found happy homes. What a way to end 2014! Sharing is caring. Yay!


Continuing Ed Course with QuestU.ca

Belated Xmas giftie for TBD... The Continuing Education course I'm teaching in the spring at Quest University Canada is online! Totally kewl!

I'm teaching a 6 evening class called Crafting with 'Crap' starting Thursday, February 19th. It's quite the tongue in cheek title... I actually thought they would rename it but for now it stays the same since we are making stuff out of 'junk'. You can find the full listing of Continuing Education courses at shop.questu.ca.

Each class will focus on a different material to upcycle with each participant leaving with 2-3 completed projects at the end of the class. All materials are supplied. It's going to be fun!

And it's on my website... Hoping to add more 2015 events in the near future!

Register for Crafting with 'Crap' at shop.questu.ca - it's $185 for 6 evening classes. Can't wait!


You can now find TBD on YouTube!

I love learning new skillz! Not just new tips and tricks when it comes to crafting but also nerdy stuff. Here's a prime example... I wanted to post the interview with CBC Radio's The Early Edition. I thought it would be easier for family and friends if I posted the clip instead of the whole show. And some people weren't able to play the audio file on the CBC's website.

Easy peasy! And thank goodness for Google and Apple support. Step one was recording the segment on my fancy dancy new MacAir using QuickTime.

Next was creating a video file to upload to my TBD YouTube channel. I imported an image then imported the audio file into iMovie. Next was exporting the file in a format that would work on YouTube.

Now to get some simple TBD branding up on YouTube. First I designed a basic cover image...

YouTube provides a template PSD file which makes it even easier to customize your channel.

And that's it! I updated my profile photo, the cover image and then uploaded my two files - the segment with go! West Coast and with CBC Radio's The Early Edition. Done!

You'll find both files in the 2014 TV and Radio Segments playlist.

Listen to the CBC segment here.

Watch the go! West Coast segment here.

Next up? I added a YouTube icon to all of my websites... First was www.denisecorcoran.com...

Then blog.thriftybydesign.ca...

And finally www.thriftybydesign.ca.

What a FAB Xmas break... I saw family and friends, I crafted AND I got geeky. I suspect I'll be redesigning all of my TBD sites and social media channels in the next couple of months. Time to refresh! Onwards and upwards!


DIY hot cocoa mix plus festive sleeve

Here's another DIY/upcycling project I presented on the segment with CBC Radio's The Early Edition. One easy DIY was the Mason jar filled with bath salts. Next up is a Mason jar filled with hot cocoa mix.

I wanted to update the Mason jar using a thrift store jacket. Here's the completed cozy for the jar.

I made the cozy out of a thrift store jacket I found awhile ago then added some festive felt appliqué accents. I used a cookie cutter for the tree pattern then stitched a button on.

The inside of the sleeve uses a bright green canvas fabric from the thrift store. I sealed the front and back together with a bright purple embroidery floss. Here's the cozy on the Mason jar.

Next up was adding the cocoa mix. I used an easy peasy recipe - first layer to add to the jar was the half cocoa, half white sugar mixture.

Then shredded chocolate...

Last was a layer of small marshmallows. Done!

Here's the layered hot cocoa mix plus lid with chalkboard top.

Looking good! Hot cocoa mix, upcycled sleeve and a funky chalkboard lid.

Another simple reusable package with a fun DIY recipe to go inside it. Yay!

Here's the rundown - a cozy out of an upcycled jacket sleeve, a basic hot cocoa mix recipe and then a chalkboard top.

Here's to finding more reusable packaging ideas for Mason jars... I'm lovin' the jar updates plus new to me DIY recipes. I'm definitely making more bath salts and hot cocoa mix!


Big thanks to CBC!

Wow - 2014 is ending on a pretty kick butt crafty note! I realized after the CBC segment on Tuesday that I get to cross off a big 'must do' from my bucket list. What Canadian doesn't want to be on the CBC?! And lucky me - I was on to talk about the thing I'm most passionate about... Crafting, upcycling projects and Crafternoons! YAY!

I posted the segment to my Thrifty By Design YouTube channel. I've never been on radio so was an interesting and fun experience. I showed up early at the CBC studio all revved on caffeine and craftiness.

I made a couple of new friends while waiting to enter the studio. I brought gifties and sample projects - I was ready to share the crafty and upcycling vibes to The Early Edition's audience.

Here's hoping they call me back and I get to share more DIYs, local resources, etc. Big thanks to Gavin Fisher for getting in touch with me. And to the CBC The Early Edition's team - the segment was definitely one of the highlights of 2014!

My cutie patootie Xmas tree

Merry Xmas crafty peeps! This year was the first time I decorated my very own tree... Crazy I know! I bought this cutie patootie tree for the go! West Coast segment. Last night I chilled out and decorated it with 'junk' jewelry.

My coworker Dennine donated some jewelry this week. There was something about this necklace that I knew would be perfect for my Xmas tree.

Here's the close to perfect star for the top of my tree. Wrong colour though so I spray painted it silver. Easy!

Next was figuring out mini ornaments for the tree. Again found a few pieces of 'junk' jewelry that would work as small decorations.

Here it is! So darn cute! My star with a string of silver beads then my mini ornaments. Feeling very festive!

Love the star! I added it using a tiny bit of silver wire to keep it at the top of the tree.

Here are a couple of the DIY ornaments I made.

Yup getting in the spirit...

Hope you have a very merry Xmas and best wishes for a 2015 filled with joy, happiness, love, craftiness, adventure and possibility! xo


DIY bath salts & upcycled Xmas packaging

And now the time has come for getting super crafty... More so than usual! I need to prep DIY gifties for friends and family. A bit last minute... Eh gad! Plus I want to prep a few things for the segment with CBC's The Early Edition tomorrow morning.

I worked on a few upcycled wool sweater ideas this weekend. I'll post those later! After that I tried a few more ideas for reusable packaging and instead of filling glass containers with goodies... I'm filling them with DIY bath salts or DIY hot cocoa mix. Depends on whose getting them - the spa junkie or the sugar junkie.

First up I made cereal box gift tags. Thankfully I had a small amount of cereal box cardboard left over from the Xmas Crafternoons. I primed the cardboard...

And picked out a cookie cutter for the shape of the gift tag.

One idea was to Mod Podge this swanky paper on a couple of the gift tags. I first added a layer of silver tissue paper then the patterned tissue paper.

Once the glue dried I traced out the cookie cutter shape...

Here are the final gift tags out of upcycled cereal box cardboard... So cute!

Here's the easy peasy how to... Prime, glue then cut. Simple and they look FAB!

My other set of upcycled cereal box cardboard gift tags used spray chalkboard paint. I primed then sprayed. Once the chalkboard paint was dry, I cut out the pattern. I decided to add some bling to the gift card.

I added masking tape to the back... Why? Well I wanted to add a buttonhole stitch along the edges. Fancy dancy!

The masking tape helps avoid tears in the cardboard. I also added the holes first with a pin then stitched.

And another mini how to... I was on a roll with the crafty mojo!

Here are my gift tags with a couple of different ideas for the packaging. So what's inside these uber awesome containers? Well DIY bath salts with the most divine smell.

Who knew making your own bath salts was so easy and inexpensive! I'm never buying bath salts again... I found my recipe via Martha Stewart. All you need is coarse sea salt, epsom salt, baking soda and essential oil(s). You can add food colouring but I opted out.

Here's the essential oil I went with - it's from Sage and it's called Liquid Sunshine. It has lime and mandarin in it.

Instead of food colouring I decided to add loose lavender to the mixture.

Now all you do is mix up your ingredients... 6 parts coarse sea salt, 3 parts epsom salt and 1 part baking soda.

Once mixed you then add the essential oil.

Finally I added the loose lavender.

Done! Took me all of 15 minutes to measure, combine and mix. Gotta love projects that are so darn easy...

Next was adding the mixture to my completed Xmas containers... I'm really happy with these!

Super simple container... Just added chalkboard paint to the top then wrapped the gift tag around the rim.

What a cutie patootie couple they make!

All DIY gifts should be so easy... And cost effective. And fun. Total score!

Next up... DIY hot cocoa mix. Crafting is da bomb!