Xmas Crafternoons with the City of Richmond

Xmas Crafternoons 2 and 3 of 6 were yesterday in Richmond and they were super duper awesome! I've facilitated upcycling workshops with the City of Richmond for a year now as part of their Sustainability Workshop Series and love working with them!

The morning Crafternoon was 'DIY Cards for Christmas'... I brought burlap, cereal boxes, scrap paper, buttons and more. We had approximately 10 participants.

Here's one of the upcycling projects I presented - a burlap and cereal box garland with ribbons and buttons...

Inspiration boards in the works...

Love the handwritten text...

We had people spy in on us... We must have looked like we were rockin' the crafting!

Here's April's finished banner for a friend's baby shower...

And the inspiration board is done... Ribboned together and good to go!

Here's my helper... She rocked her own crafty DIY card for her mom.

Maybe the happiest crafter we had in the morning session. She made a 3D card to hang on her door.

We got a bit goofy too! Inspiration board banner turned into a necklace. Why not?!

After a quick break and clean up we were ready for the afternoon session, 'Repurpose Old Clothing - Christmas Theme'. We ended up having about 12 participants including some past attendees. It was great to see peeps from past sessions.

Jade attended one of last year's Christmas workshops. She didn't finish up her DIY bunny stuffie during the workshop but finished it up afterwards. She was excited to show me her completed bunny.

She wanted me to take a shot of the back... She stitched a leaf to the bum. Such a sweet bunny stuffie!

At times things got very, VERY quiet in the room. People were loving the scrap wool tree ornament project and making owl ornaments...

People rocked the crafty projects. I love that!

This little guy was awesome! He made a couple of scrap wool tree ornaments and a snowman. He told his mom how much fun the afternoon was and that they should come back for another Crafternoon. Then he got all shy when she told me what he said. Such a cutie patootie!

A couple of finished up tree ornaments... Amazing what you can do with random buttons, scrap wool and junk jewelry!

One of my new favourite crafters... We just giggled, laughed, crafted... We were two peas in a pod. And she kicked craft butt with her projects!

A photo of me... Looking a bit tired but she insisted I be in a photo with her scarf and projects. I love the Crafternoons and my fellow makers!

A completed owl stuffie...

More completed projects... The scrap wool tree ornament is such a FAB project. Easy, funky and cheap to make...

Awww Seetha and Rayna from last year's Christmas Crafternoon made it to the workshop. Rayna has my upcycled t-shirt pillow cover from last year's workshop. They're so lovely and fun!

These two hung out with me all day... We DIY-ed stationery then made ornaments out of 'junk'. They'll be back!

Thanks everyone for joining me for one or both of the Crafternoons. The next City of Richmond Crafternoon is at the end of January focusing on Valentine's Day crafts.

Crafternoon 4 of 6 is on Thursday then I'm back at the North Vancouver City Library on Saturday. Life is pretty darn wonderful!

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