Wine cork Xmas trees

Yup... I'm trying even more Xmas upcycling projects for upcoming Crafternoons! And it all began by accident. I was inspired not only with my latest finds at the Lion Gate Thrift Store... All this for $1.30. Score!

But also the ad for this Saturday's Crafternoon on the North Vancouver City Library website featuring this craft which wasn't one of mine. Worth a try since it's part of the promo for my TBD workshop. Why not!

Here's attempt one... I used cereal box cardboard for the strips then glued scrapbook paper to the cardboard. I then used a skewer to add to the wine cork on the bottom then added one of my stars from the thrift store to the top. It took all of 15 minutes to make.

Tonight I tried another option which took me a bit longer... Branches with silver paint, twine, a skewer, a wine cork then a star on top.

I was going to collect branches from outside but it's been super wet lately so I decided to buy a branch from the florist. I also was going to use scrap yarn but then decided on using twine.

Here's the star I glued to the top of both DIY trees.

I used one piece of twine for all of the branches.

Here are my two sample trees using upcycled wine corks...

I'll bring these two as samples for this Saturday's Holiday Crafternoon.


Now to make mitts, leg warmers and hats out of felted wool sweaters for an afternoon crafting session on Thursday with Keys: Housing and Health Solutions.

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