Trade School Vancouver Jewelry Out of 'Junk' Workshop

My first workshop of November went off perfectly last night. I had a couple of hiccups... First I wasn't sure if I had enough corks and thankfully at the last minute I was able to get a bunch of wine cork rounds cut... Phew! Then getting to the workshop took a heck of a lot longer than usual - bad traffic, accidents everywhere. But I made it! And my Trade School Vancouver helpers were awesome!

The workshop took place at MakerLabs at 196 Kingsway. It's a great space!

And my uber fabulous helpers... My crafty Bond girls ready to make kewl stuff out of 'junk'!

We had 12 participants show up to make jewelry out of 'junk'.

The two hours flew by! We met, we crafted & we had tons of fun!

And we had a couple of craft renegades... Mittens in the works...

We first worked on wine cork earrings and metal washer pendants... While our handy work was drying we stitched up broaches out of felted wool sweaters.

Yup we had an awesome time!

And everyone left with a few completed projects...

Finished pendant and broach... And happy crafter!

Scrap wood pendant - 'Nature Lover'.

I received some lovely gifts in exchange for teaching the class... Tons of scrapbooking paper, craft supplies and loads of coffee. I'm set for months!

Big thanks to Trade School Vancouver and MakerLabs... And thanks to everyone who showed up to craft with me. Yay!

And tomorrow I have two workshops with the City of Richmond... Still prepping DIY stationery then gotta pack up my supplies... Feeling very thrilled to be crafting with tons of new peeps. Lucky me!

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