Reloved thrift store box

Here's an easy peasy thrift store update... So many times I find something cheap that has tons of potential at the thrift store. Some finds just need a bit of TLC. Like this box I picked up for $1. I've been thinking about Xmas and finding reusable gift packaging ideas - maybe secondhand boxes or Mason jars. Tons of options out there!

For this update I only wanted to rethink the design on the top. The actual box was in perfect shape.

My initial attempt involved decoupaging a card to the top. I found this card that I thought could work...

I trimmed the card to fit the space then used Mod Podge to glue the card to the top of the box.

Once the glue had dried, I added 2-3 coats of wood varnish. This is where things went awry... The card started to look dirty - I had intended the wood varnish to give a dated look to the box. Well that's not what happened. And then I noticed the wood varnish had seeped under the Mod Podge and left this yucky stain on the card. Bummer! Time to rethink this project...

I removed the card and painted the area white then decoupaged this tissue paper from Urban Source on Main Street. I added a big medallion to the middle then four small ones to the corners. The paper had glitter in it so I made sure to cover the whole area.

Once the Mod Podge was dry, I then added 2-3 coats of wood varnish. I used gold paint for cleaning up any imperfections in the finish.

And tada! It's done... I love the design on this tissue paper. It looks like I drew on the box.

Next step is cleaning up the inside a bit then I'll find a gift for inside and figure out who gets this as part of their Xmas present!

Before and after... I'm really happy with the finished update!

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