My inaugural DIY tutorial for LowerLonsdale.ca

I sent in my very first post for LowerLonsdale.ca and it's all about DIY Xmas decor. I'll be writing up quick crafty tutorials on making kewl stuff on the cheap. Maybe featuring supplies from North Shore based businesses and organizations like the Lions Gate Thrift Shop or the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Can't wait!

My inaugural DIY is 'Easy DIY Xmas Decor Using Upcycled Materials'.

What you'll need:

• A wine cork
• A cereal box
• A skewer
• Paint or paper
• White glue
• A star or button for the top - nothing too heavy or your tree won’t stand up
• Sponge brush
• Scissors

Here's a fun way to reuse items from your recycle bin and turn them into FAB Xmas decor. It's an easy project and costs very little to create. So lets get started! Note: feel free to choose different options/materials to customize your project. For example I used branches and twine for one of my trees instead of cereal box cardboard.

First either paint the cereal box cardboard or glue funky paper to it. You can add the paint or paper to either side of the cardboard although I usually add it to the ink side for a better quality finish.

If adding paper, brush a coat of white glue to the cardboard then rub the paper into the cardboard and allow to dry.

Once dry then you can cut the cardboard into strips.

Keep the strips the same height...

Then make the strips varying widths to create your tree.

Now glue the strips to the skewer - the pointed end is the bottom of your tree. You’ll add glue to the back of the cardboard then place the skewer on top of it. Allow to dry.

Once the strips are dry then trim the top of the skewer. You can make the tree as short or high as you want.

Once you’ve trimmed the skewer then glue your button or star to the top. I used white glue but you could also use a glue gun. Try to keep the top as light as possible or your tree won’t stand up.

Last step is to push the skewer into the middle of the wine cork as far as you can. Then you’re done!

And tada! One wine cork Xmas tree done!

I made shorter ones as well. I also have one using branches and twine. Easy peasy and they look FAB!

Look for more DIYs and crafty goodness by yours truly on LowerLonsdale.ca. Super stoked to be involved with those guys!

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