Easy peasy Xmas ornaments

Workshop prep, 'junk' collecting and overall crazy crafting is in the works! Yay! Last week I met with an old and awesome friend for lunch. Jen donated a few wool sweaters and then gave me this sweater that had the kewlest buttons on it! So stoked to make stuff with these buttons.

And create I did! I cranked out a dozen Xmas ornaments out of upcycled wool sweaters, felt and buttons.

So darn cute! And easy!

Here are the first few I made. I went a bit nuts with the ornament crafting.

Bright colours are so funsie!

And my favourite base colour - a lovely grey wool. These buttons are funky!

A bird ornament with the vintage buttons...

This is a scarf Jen gave me...

And now time to move on to other crafty adventures... Maybe time for some cereal box ornaments or maybe a Xmas tree out of scrap wool.

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