Easy peasy DIY mittens

This afternoon is my Crafternoon with the non-profit, charitable organization Keys: Housing and Health Solutions in Surrey. They provide basic services and support to disadvantaged and vulnerable populations. We're focusing on easy and useful upcycling projects using wool sweaters. Leg warmers, hats, purses... And mittens!

Who knew making your own mittens out of old sweaters was so darn easy! First was creating a pattern. My hand, paper and a pen... Lets get this started!

Here's my mitten pattern...

Now to cut out the wool pieces. I decided to go with a plain dark blue for the inside and a striped wool for the outside.

Both insides all cut out... I'm about 10 minutes into this DIY. Seriously it took me maybe 30 minutes to make my DIY mittens. I think I'm going to make a few pairs for kids using bright colours. Maybe add buttons or beads. So stoked!

I pinned the cut out dark blue wool to my striped wool. I wanted the seam on the inside so pinned them outside facing in. I decided to stitch them up then trim the striped wool.

Here we go - all stitched up and trimmed. Now time for the big reveal...

And they're done! I used the edges of both upcycled wool pieces for the opening of the mittens. I like the dark blue wool in combination with the striped wool. Cute!

It's really THAT easy... I feel like I had a craft epiphany last night! Sometimes they happen... And then sometimes you have the craft disasters...

Happy crafting! After this afternoon's workshop I have two more Christmas Crafternoons. I may have a couple lined up in early December with Ross Road Elementary as well. Kicking Crafternoon butt these days!

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