DIY wine cork Xmas ornaments

I'm getting all my crafty goodness prepped for the 5 Crafternoons I have this month. Gonna be an awesome month of making stuff and getting crafty plus meeting new peeps. First I'm making easy peasy Xmas ornaments out of repurposed materials.

My initial DIY project - wine cork ornaments! I have a stash of wine corks - all donations. I don't think I'll ever run out of people to hit up for wine corks! I then found this funky necklace at the thrift store for $2. I was good to go!

First I removed the funky beads from the necklace...

I decided to make two sample ornaments. I might work on a third option that's completely different. We'll see!

I kept most of the dangly bits in one piece. I thought this would make a nice bottom for one of the ornaments.

I used screw-in eyelets for adding the beads to the wine corks. Made this project so darn simple!

After adding my decorations to the top and bottom of the wine cork plus reusing the chain as the hanger, I decided to add even more bling. I glued metal washers to one of the decorations. Not sure if it works but worth a shot!

Here are the completed ornaments...

And here's the how to...

Next I'm making sample ornaments out of felted wool sweaters and then cereal boxes. Tis the Season!

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