DIY jewelry out of thrift store finds

Fun fun... This week I worked on some 'junk' jewelry. I bought these earrings for $2 from the thrift store. The other pieces are donations from friends. I wanted to update the thrift store finds - I was definitely feeling inspired!

First I took the stems and curled them to create hooks. Then I played with adding other pieces... Like the turquoise blue beads plus silver wire.

Initially I tried turning these into drop earrings and using silver wire to wrap the stems and the beads together.

Here's DIY jewelry attempt #1...

And a 'how to'...

I then thought maybe the wire should be copper and not silver... So yup I switched out the wire.

Then switched back to silver wire and turned them into pendants. Pendants won out...

And of course I made a pair of drop earrings to go with one of the pendants.

Here's another 'how to'...

While making DIY jewelry I realized I have a few extra necklaces. Good to know for future DIYs. For now I have two complete necklaces plus a pair of earrings all for under $5. Score!

Here's the complete set. I'm packing them off and snail mailing them to a crafty peep in California. Sharing is caring! Hope she likes them!

Now for workshop prep! Xmas is a coming!

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