Another DIY wool sweater Xmas ornament

Moving on from bird ornaments to a super simple tree ornament still using upcycled wool sweaters, buttons and junky jewelry. It took me 20 minutes to make!

First I cut up scrap wool into varying circle sizes... A variety of colours and patterns works well! I then found three buttons to use for the bottom as a tree trunk. The junk jewelry is to give the ornament some 'bling' factor - I'll use this for the top of the tree. It not only gave some bling to the ornament but also helped with adding ribbon for hanging the ornament.

I thought the buttons would make the perfect bottom for the ornament. Bigger is better - I also picked buttons that were stackable.

I used embroidery thread to stitch the ornament together. First stitching the buttons together for the bottom then threading up through the layers of wool to the top. This is when I added the junk jewelry to the ornament and then thread back through to the bottom of the tree.

Here's the bottom with the three buttons... I tied the ends of the thread and hid them from view.

Last step was adding a piece of bright ribbon for hanging the ornament. Done!

I'm definitely making more of these - such a great way to use up scrap pieces of fabric or wool.

Another sample workshop project good to go! So much fun!

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