Big thanks to Vancouver Foundation, NSG and NVCL

Yesterday was my last Crafternoon of 2014 at the North Vancouver City Library. It's been a blast! Sending tons of thanks to Vancouver Foundation - their Neighbourhood Small Grant covered the costs for four upcycling workshops. Also thanking NVCL - they are the bestest crafty partners EVER. We had fun, we made kewl stuff out of 'junk' and we kicked craft butt.

4 workshops, 160+ crafters, definitely priceless!

The Neighbourhood Small Grant is awesome! Grants are given out in order to support community initiatives... Like you got it - CRAFTERNOONS. Crafting together is a great way to meet new peeps plus have fun and connect with your community. NSG is such a FAB program!

My grant allowed me to facilitate four upcycling workshops in partnership with the North Vancouver City Library. Our first workshop was the Easter Crafternoon on April 5th. We made baskets, bunnies and chicks out of toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes and egg cartons. We had approximately 40 to 50 participants.

Here are a couple of sample projects...

Workshop participants were all ages and skill levels.

Each workshop allowed participants to make one of the sample projects or find their artist within and make anything else that inspired them.

We adopted Jose... He's our resident craft renegade plus origami specialist. He's been to all four Crafternoons.

We craft, we connect, we have fun... We make friends. Here I am with Marisa and her grandson Esteban.

The next workshop, called 'Play with Words', was on September 27th. Participants created words, banners and garlands using repurposed materials like burlap, scrap fabric, cardboard and paint. The workshop had a smaller group than usual at about 20 participants.

Here's a project in the works...

We had participants from over town too. Christie lives in East Vancouver.

Another Crafternoon regular and workshop favourite, Jojo...

More Crafternoon devotees... Sampson, Tahi and Dave showing off their projects.

The workshops are a great way to meet lovely people... I feel blessed to have so many regulars pop in to craft with me and to make new friends. Like Heather and her daughter Madeleine.

Next was the Halloween Crafternoon on October 25th. We created Halloween hats, masks and more by upcycling cereal boxes, old jewelry, buttons and egg cartons. We had approximately 40 to 50 participants.

Amazing how people get super involved and focussed when crafting. Such a buzz in the room. So much fun!

Awww Bonnie! She's a Crafternoon devotee. She helps me set up and clean up. Not sure what I would do without her!

I've even gotten my coworkers coming to the workshops. They're so addictive - once you participate in a Crafternoon you'll definitely be back!

Like Esteban... He's one of my FAVs... Always fun, happy and super crafty!

The workshops are a good way for parents and kids to have quality time together.

Amazing what you can make with 'junk'!

Loads of happy peeps...

My helpers at the Halloween workshop. Yay!

Another crafter I've adopted...

My fourth and final workshop of 2014 - the Holiday Crafternoon on November 29th. We had approximately 40 to 50 partipants. This one may have had the most out of all of the workshops. We even had people crafting on the floor!

My new friends... They had a craft date with grandma.

Crafternoons aren't just for kids... We all had a FAB time!

One of my Crafternoon regulars... This is for her Dad... Love all the bling!

These two rocked it and created quite the trees with tons of bling! Gotta love the power of glue guns!

Grandmother, mother and daughter craft date... Awesome!

Here's to the Vancouver Foundation, Neighbourhood Small Grants and the North Vancouver City Library. You guys ROCK!


Holiday Crafternoon at the NVCL

Today's Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library ROCKED! We had an amazing turn out... I suspect we had 50+ participants in total. Wow! Makers of all ages and experience levels showed up to get festive. And make Xmas ornaments out of 'junk'. Thanks everyone for joining me this aft to make stuff, have fun and meet new crafty peeps!

We made Xmas trees out of wine corks, cereal boxes and old jewelry.

These guys were such a delight! Crafternoons are da bomb!

Our resident craft renegade... He worked on an origami wreath then whipped up this Xmas decoration using a wine cork, a skewer, ribbon and an origami star. Gorgeous!

Crafting is kewl... Loved this sassy maker.

Here's a proud participant... She made a wool sweater purse to store her DIY ornaments in.

One of my Crafternoon regulars... This is for her Dad... Love all the bling!

Everyone left with at least one finished project if not two or three.

Happy crafters were everywhere!

Another completed project...

These two rocked it and created quite the trees with tons of bling!


Another happy crafter and completed project...

Grandmother, mother and daughter craft date... Awesome!

These two were so lovely... They helped set up then created craft magic. Hope they make it back!

Crafternoons really are da bomb... We have so much fun, we make new friends AND we make kick butt stuff. Yay!

My next Crafternoon is at the Guildford Library on Tuesday, December 9th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Maybe see you there!


My inaugural DIY tutorial for LowerLonsdale.ca

I sent in my very first post for LowerLonsdale.ca and it's all about DIY Xmas decor. I'll be writing up quick crafty tutorials on making kewl stuff on the cheap. Maybe featuring supplies from North Shore based businesses and organizations like the Lions Gate Thrift Shop or the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Can't wait!

My inaugural DIY is 'Easy DIY Xmas Decor Using Upcycled Materials'.

What you'll need:

• A wine cork
• A cereal box
• A skewer
• Paint or paper
• White glue
• A star or button for the top - nothing too heavy or your tree won’t stand up
• Sponge brush
• Scissors

Here's a fun way to reuse items from your recycle bin and turn them into FAB Xmas decor. It's an easy project and costs very little to create. So lets get started! Note: feel free to choose different options/materials to customize your project. For example I used branches and twine for one of my trees instead of cereal box cardboard.

First either paint the cereal box cardboard or glue funky paper to it. You can add the paint or paper to either side of the cardboard although I usually add it to the ink side for a better quality finish.

If adding paper, brush a coat of white glue to the cardboard then rub the paper into the cardboard and allow to dry.

Once dry then you can cut the cardboard into strips.

Keep the strips the same height...

Then make the strips varying widths to create your tree.

Now glue the strips to the skewer - the pointed end is the bottom of your tree. You’ll add glue to the back of the cardboard then place the skewer on top of it. Allow to dry.

Once the strips are dry then trim the top of the skewer. You can make the tree as short or high as you want.

Once you’ve trimmed the skewer then glue your button or star to the top. I used white glue but you could also use a glue gun. Try to keep the top as light as possible or your tree won’t stand up.

Last step is to push the skewer into the middle of the wine cork as far as you can. Then you’re done!

And tada! One wine cork Xmas tree done!

I made shorter ones as well. I also have one using branches and twine. Easy peasy and they look FAB!

Look for more DIYs and crafty goodness by yours truly on LowerLonsdale.ca. Super stoked to be involved with those guys!