Redesigned my personal website - yahoo!

And it's done! I decided to redesign my personal website (www.denisecorcoran.com) this website... Talk about a bunch of work! Ugh... I needed to revamp my old website since it's time to make some changes in my work and refocus my energies.

I think the new design is very 'me'! Yay! Here's my homepage... Denise Corcoran - community catalyst, crafter extraordinaire & upcycler of things...

It's always interesting writing about yourself. Here's my About Me page - me, my background, successes and more.

For my What I Do page I asked for testimonials from workshop partners and participants. Right now I have two up with a bunch more coming in. I am truly blessed - everyone I contacted is super keen to write quotes for me. I love my crafty peeps!

Then I added mini photo galleries with some of my recent and past projects. Man I have crafted, upcycled and workshop-ed a TON!

So now it's time to search out new opportunities, try new things and see where this whole crafty, upcycling thang takes me! Onwards and upwards!

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