Addicted to painting wooden thrift store finds

Yup - I'm at it again... Painting thrift store wood bowls now! This one I grabbed for $0.50. It's a bit damaged - I sanded the wood and added oil but it still didn't come up perfectly. I decided to try painting the outside a bright colour to cover up it's imperfections.

With the bowls (yes that's plural - I'm going a teeny tiny bit overboard on this DIY project... It's so addictive!), I wasn't going to use them for food so didn't need to worry too much when it came to sealing the craft paint. Phew!

I went with a bright purple for this bowl...

I then went with a mauve... No idea why I changed my mind but I did...

The mauve paint didn't look too good when it dried plus I dropped by the bowl and damaged it. Oops... Back to the bright purple it is!

Bowl two is this thrift store find... It was actually 50% off so I paid $0.25 for it. Gotta love the Lions Gate Thrift Shop for funky finds for cheap!

Oh and then I thought I would paint one of my jewelry organizers - why not!

I went with Ocean Breeze on this one - a gorgeous bright turquoise to give it some 'pop'.

My assembly line of bowls... Living the life!

Super stoked to see how these turn out - Ocean Breeze and Plum sure look pretty!

Here are the finished bowls... I'm finishing up number three today. I'm using these two for my jewelry... Rings, brooches, etc. They look so darn lovely!

Such an easy, peasy DIY and I love how the wood grain stands out... On average the bowls were $0.50/each then with paint, a coat of varathane and some olive oil for the wood... Talk about making stuff pretty on a budget! Yay!

And now to finish up bowl three... Plus I'm in the throws of a web redesign for my personal website. Find it at www.denisecorcoran.com. Also prepping for a Halloween Crafternoon on October 25th. Feeling some serious crafty mojo these days!

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