Workshop prep for Culture Days Crafternoon

Today was my latest and greatest Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library. It was part of Culture Days as well as part of my workshop series paid for by my Neighbourhood Small Grant via Vancouver Foundation.

The theme for the workshop was 'Play with Words' where participants created words, banners and garlands using repurposed materials like burlap, scrap fabric, cardboard and paint. I already prepped one sample project and wanted to create three more options for participants.

First sample project was upcycling cereal box cardboard and scrap yarn into words... I decided to use the word 'joy'...

I drew out the word then cut out the letters...

I added double-sided tape to the cardboard and then wrapped the letter with scrap yarn.

Here's letter 'j' done!

All letters are wrapped and ready to go. I then used clear fishing line for hanging the word.

Here's my mini how to collage...

Next was creating a couple of garlands using cereal box cardboard, burlap, fabric samples and craft paint. For my first garland I glued burlap to the cereal box cardboard.

I then trimmed the cardboard and glued my fabric sample letter to the burlap.

I glued twine along the top of each letter to finish off the garland.

Here's the finished garland... Easy peasy!

And yup another quick how to collage on this one...

And my final sample project started with gluing two pieces of burlap together with a bit of water, white paint and Mod Podge. Once dry I cut out a triangle for each letter.

I then used pink paint to stencil letters onto each triangle...

Once the paint was dry, I added a bright blue buttonhole stitch along the top of the triangles plus used the embroidery floss to stitch each letter together.

Here's the completed garland. Aww love!

A mini how to collage for this upcycling project as well...

And I'm done... Four sample projects done in a jiffy! Feels great to get crafty again after being away on my adventures. Can't wait for more Crafternoons!

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