More Crafternoons with the City of Richmond

Today I had two Crafternoons in patrtnership with the City of Richmond. The workshops were part of the Environmental Sustainability Workshop Series at the Richmond Cultural Centre. First up was DIY Thanksgiving Gift Basket and then DIY Stationery for Thanksgiving.

Before I went to New York I wasn't able to prep too much for the workshops. So this weekend was all about prepping samples and collecting materials. It was a bit of a gong show since I recently purged a bunch of supplies and had to gather materials pretty quick!

Crafternoon prep started with a Friday night craft date with my BFF Lynn. We made DIY stationery...

I used scraps of paper, old books and magazines plus miscellaneous items like buttons.

Here's a funky gift tag using an upcycled cereal box...

I love my workshops in Richmond... My partner-in-crime Emy is FAB! We're a dynamic duo!

Our first workshop had 12 participants... We made baskets out of egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and cereal boxes.

Here's most of the participants getting crafty...

Our next workshop only had three participants... Which means I was able to craft plus we crafted A LOT. Everyone left with quite a few finished projects. And everyone is planning to come back for the November Crafternoons. Yay!

Next Crafternoon is for Culture Days at the North Vancouver City Library on September 27th at 1:30pm. Hope to see you there! Beforehand I'm off on another adventure... A week in Havana then I'm back to get uber crafty!

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