I heart New York

I'm back from 5+ days of total awesomeness in New York City. What an adventure! I'm definitely heading back one day. And I'm feeling super inspired after experiencing such a dynamic city. Yay!

First day was crazy since I walked for 8+ hours after taking the red-eye. Nutty I know but then I slept for 12 hours and was ready to kick some NYC butt by day two.

Day one started with a bit of touring then I took the Staten Island Ferry to get a view of Lady Liberty.

Here she is! I lucked out with the weather - in 5+ days I had 10 minutes of rain in total. Loads of hot, humid weather the first couple of days but otherwise the weather was perfect!

Token touristy photo here... Looking a little tired from taking the red-eye.

I walked everywhere in Manhattan. Seriously! Healthiest vacation ever - I walked, biked and hardly ate due to the heat. Here's the Brooklyn Bridge...

Day two was all about taking a bike tour via Bike the Big Apple. I signed up for Tour A 'The Ethnic Apple Tour'. It's the perfect way to get around the city. And New York is flat so we only encountered two baby hills. Easy peasy!

I really enjoyed trekking through Brooklyn!

This is the Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens. The Socrates Sculpture Park is the only site in the New York Metropolitan area specifically dedicated to providing artists with opportunities to create and exhibit large-scale sculpture and multi-media installations in a unique outdoor environment that encourages strong interaction between artists, artworks and the public.

Here's our guide Manny who was pretty darn fabulous! I highly recommend signing up for a tour via Bike the Big Apple. Totally worth it!

After that I took a quick jaunt through Central Park to Bethesda Terrace. This was quite the hub... Wedding photos being taken, a guy creating big bubbles for kids to burst and then there was someone singing opera. It was random and quite lovely.

Kids don't need much to be in their element... This guy had kids just going nuts to burst the big bubbles!

And this is when I had my first real deep 'I heart New York' moment. It's total awesomeness there!

Day three was all about hitting Chelsea Market then The High Line. Chelsea Market was a nifty place to stop plus I found Artists and Fleas. It's a spot for checking out local artists and businesses.

I spent a bunch of time at this stall... Loads of swanky jewelry made from repurposed typewriter keys, cutlery, etc.

Met so many fabulous peeps in New York City like these two. Everyone I met on my travels was nothing less than super helpful and approachable.

After The High Line, I refueled on caffeine then hit the Mimi G Style pattern signing event I registered for. It was in Brooklyn at a kewl crafty place called Brooklyn Craft Company. Such a FAB spot for workshops!

Everyone got free goodie bags - totally kewl!

Here I am with Mimi G - we're rockin' it! Mimi is lovely... There were so many fun and fabulous peeps at the event. Really glad I went!

Lots of cute, craftiness in the space. Wish I lived in Brooklynn and could check out a Brooklyn Craft Company workshop!

After that I went to the Wythe Hotel - they have a gorgeous patio with a wonderful view of Manhattan. After checking out the view, I ended up hitting the Brooklyn Night Bizarre with some new friends. Music, food, artisans - worth a visit. Actually Brooklyn is totally worth getting to know. So much to do and see!

Day four I worked through my list of to do's and see's... Here's Grand Central Station. Wow! Just beautiful!

And inside... Came across more wedding photos in the works.

Then off to the New York Public Library...

And made more friends... This is Lewis. Totally lovely guy who works in the NYPL.

And then of course I took in a Broadway show. I went to a matinee since it was Sunday. I ended up going to see Cinderella. Lots of kids in the audience dressed up as princesses. So darn cute!

After the Broadway show, I just happened upon this market at Broadway and 45th.

I had a couple of celebrity sightings on my travels and this was one... Naked Cowboy. My trip was now complete! He's so popular I came across a second Naked Cowboy and apparently there's a Naked Cowgirl. Gotta love NYC!

Day five was seeing more on my list... I had to check out the World Trade Center Memorial. Such a powerful site... Really hits home when you see all of the names on the memorial. Very overwhelming and poignant.

I also went to the top of the Rock... Amazing views of the city from Rockefeller Center.

Another view...

And then my last night on the town included seeing a band named 'Carte Blanche' at Manderley Bar in Chelsea. This space is so worthy of checking out. We started at Gallow Green (the rooftop bar) then to Manderley Bar for the live music. It was the best way to end off my adventure and 'Carte Blanche' was awesome.

And now my last day... I was lucky I had most of the day to finish up my to do list before heading to the airport. First coffee to get me going and then I found this street vendor who served delicious falafel. Yum! Found him at 6th and 53rd.

Last big thing to make sure I went to was... MoMA | Museum of Modern Art.

So many artists and pieces of art that I remember from my days of Art History classes - Picasso, Gauguin, Dali. Big time wow factor at MOMA. I loved this Joan MirĂ³ piece... Makes me want to relove thrift store paintings!

And so there are a few of the highlights from my trek to NYC. It was the perfect trip for adventuring on my own - saw so much, met so many truly wonderful peeps plus I'm feeling reinvigorated and inspired.

Next is Havana in a few days. I'm off for a week... September is totally kicking butt!

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