Adventures in Cuba

And I'm back from adventure #2! Both of my trips were absolutely perfect! I feel inspired, re-invigorated and ready to kick some craft butt. My first day started with having breakfast on the patio of our casa particular. This is the same 'penthouse' we stayed at for my last trek to Havana. It's a stunning spot!

Here's my travel and adventure partner, Roly.

On my first day I found a great coffee spot then checked out the market on Las Ramblas. I bought a bunch of rings from this couple. They were lovely and had exactly what I was looking for - rings out of upcycled cutlery for friends.

Here's my favourite ring that I bought from their stand. It was 5 CUCs which is around $5 or $6.

After that Roly and I hit Old Havana... Such a FAB spot for exploring by foot.

You can easily get lost in the architecture, graffiti, people, etc in Cuba.

Breakfast on day two with the owner of the casa particular we stayed at. She made me awesome coffee every morning. Yay!

Roly after getting his hair trimmed for our week together. He's also rockin' a t-shirt by my crafty peeps The Hive Printing. Total cutie patootie!

Later that day we went into Havana to book accommodation in Varadero as well as a day trip. There's so much colour and brightness everywhere despite some of the less than perfect scenery.

This girl approached me with her live baby turtle... For 1 CUC she let me take a photo of her.

And this guy started to serenade me as I took photos... Love happening upon music throughout Havana!

Also love finding amazing architecture especially in the Art Deco style like this building...

Laundry day across from our casa particular...

There were quite a few storms while we were in Havana and Varadero - torrential rain, thunder and lightening. Nothing like home that's fer sure!

Early morning outside of our casa particular. Loved the morning light and how quiet the streets were.

We turned the corner and this happened. Beautiful!

From a day trip we took outside of Havana. This is Lago Curujey. I took a couple of other shots that are on my TBD Instagram account. Such a gorgeous setting!

Found this boy fishing. He caught this little fish then threw it back in the water.

So much to do and see in this small community...

This is why you end up taking tons of scenic shots... So lush and green... And stunning! This is Plaza Comunitaria.

For about $10 we zip lined into Plaza Comunitaria. Total fun and included 7 zip lines from top to bottom. Our guides were awesome!

I got this certificate for something... Thumbs up!

After we had lunch then spent the afternoon chilling here... In the sun, in the water...

And then we went to Varadero for a few days. I'm not a beach person but wow! Nothing beats this view!

I didn't buy anything but rings for friends. Here's my collection of upcycled jewelry rings and one wooden ring.

And my prize possession and one gift for myself is this 5 CUC coffee maker... Best souvenir ever! Makes the most awesome coffee. I'm trading in my $750 Gaggia for this $5 coffee maker.

And now I'm prepping for tomorrow's Culture Days Crafternoon. Can't wait to hang out with my crafty peeps! Plus plan my next adventure.

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