Sharing the crafty love

I'm in the throws of stitching up another seven pairs of baby booties - all with owls. I'm giving them to friends since they were so popular. First stop was Michaels to get a few sheets of felt...

And uber bright embroidery thread.

I have a ton of felt but needed the yellow for beaks and then some turquoise and purple just cause.

Here's my assembly line of owls... Figuring out funky colour combos.

Stitched the eyes first then the wings and finally the beaks.

Now to stitch them to the booties...

I'm not an orange kind of gal but boy does the stitching 'pop' on this pair!

I tried to make the owls and stitching funsie... I love using a grey base for projects then ramping up the colours with the felt applique and stitching! I hope to have these done soon but need to move into workshop prep. I have three workshops next month in-between trips to New York City and Havana. Gonna be an awesome month of inspiration, craftiness, adventure, etc!

And I've found the perfect happy home for my magical trunk. I'm donating it to the Project Limelight Society. Project Limelight is a free performing arts program for children living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. I'm hoping to make a few magic wands before dropping the trunk off on Friday. No filling it up though! They need it for storage.

Now to stitch up booties, work on some burlap projects and get myself ready for my impending adventures.