Making crafty magic

Yup - I'm making 'magic' happen. Or trying to! I donated my magic trunk to the Project Limelight Society this afternoon. Maureen and Donalda are awesome! And I'm so happy to have found the perfect home for my updated trunk.

I decided to also make a few magic wands to include with it. I first used an upcycled wool sweater for magic wand attempt #1...

First I cut out the front and back stars then buttonhole stitched them together and added eco fill...

I used a wood dowel for the wand part.

I found this uber funky silver duck tape at the Loonie Store. I thought I would use this to adhere the star to the wand.

One done... Not lovin' it but for now it's A-OK!

Next was making non-gold wands... I went with purple and then turquoise.

Here are three more in the works using scrap felt...

I went with scrap yarn instead of the silver tape for adhering the stars to the wands. And I used kookie colour combos. So much more fun!

Bright colours are so darn cute!

I'm feeling super magical these days... The time is now for leaps of faith, adventures and making 'something' of this whole crafty thang.

Me and my magic wands then packed up the trunk and dropped it off.

Here's the Project Limelight Society (225 East Georgia Street)... I was able to talk to Donalda for a bit. We're going to plan a workshop - it really seems to be a perfect partnership!

And now to finish up my plethora of baby booties then get into workshop prep. September is going to awesome!

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