Getting crafty

The time is now for getting crafty and prepping for Crafternoons! I need to make samples for DIY stationery, baskets out of 'junk', words out of pipe cleaners and scrap yarn... And garlands out of upcycled burlap. Gonna be a fun weekend!

Yesterday I worked on an embroidered print I started ages ago at the Etsy 2014 Craft Party with Poppytalk. It's a print my BFF Rhonda made. I added a bit more embroidery to it making sure not to poke myself!

It's a fine balance between too little and too much!

I then decided to add it to a card with some adhesive corners from the loonie store.

I trimmed the print then added it to the card. This way I could give it to someone and they could frame it, regift it on a new card, etc.

Here's a close up of the threading... I went with a bunch of colour plus added a funky purple frame to the design. Such a nifty project!

Next was a quick and dirty project for the Culture Days workshop 'Play With Words'. One of the projects is using pipe cleaners and scrap yarn to make words. Easy and fun! My crafty buddy Kat from Our Social Fabric donated all this scrap yarn for my workshop.

I stocked up on pipe cleaners...

Then making a sample word... My lettering isn't the best. Took me awhile to figure out the best way to build a 'J'!

All you do is wrap the pipe cleaners with yarn... I kind of like the orange on the bright green pipe cleaner. As always it doesn't need to be perfect. I think this will be a fun one for kids. And pretty straight-forward.

Awww joy!

Here's a mini how to collage...

Next is packing up these guys... I'm gifting them to friends. Some will be mailed, some will be dropped off... So much fun! But I am done with booties for a bit. I made 14 pairs the past while and I need new craft adventures! Although I do love the owls plus the bright colours of the felt and embroidery floss.

And finally I'm helping my The Hive Printing peeps tomorrow. These guys are beyond awesome! Rebekah gave me this tank... I'm taking it on my treks to New York City and Havana. Retro map of Stanley Park will be adventuring with me.

And now to upcycle burlap and fabric samples from the Strathcona Business Improvement Association Resource Exchange. I'm making garlands. Should be happy, crafty times this weekend!

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