Getting crafty

The time is now for getting crafty and prepping for Crafternoons! I need to make samples for DIY stationery, baskets out of 'junk', words out of pipe cleaners and scrap yarn... And garlands out of upcycled burlap. Gonna be a fun weekend!

Yesterday I worked on an embroidered print I started ages ago at the Etsy 2014 Craft Party with Poppytalk. It's a print my BFF Rhonda made. I added a bit more embroidery to it making sure not to poke myself!

It's a fine balance between too little and too much!

I then decided to add it to a card with some adhesive corners from the loonie store.

I trimmed the print then added it to the card. This way I could give it to someone and they could frame it, regift it on a new card, etc.

Here's a close up of the threading... I went with a bunch of colour plus added a funky purple frame to the design. Such a nifty project!

Next was a quick and dirty project for the Culture Days workshop 'Play With Words'. One of the projects is using pipe cleaners and scrap yarn to make words. Easy and fun! My crafty buddy Kat from Our Social Fabric donated all this scrap yarn for my workshop.

I stocked up on pipe cleaners...

Then making a sample word... My lettering isn't the best. Took me awhile to figure out the best way to build a 'J'!

All you do is wrap the pipe cleaners with yarn... I kind of like the orange on the bright green pipe cleaner. As always it doesn't need to be perfect. I think this will be a fun one for kids. And pretty straight-forward.

Awww joy!

Here's a mini how to collage...

Next is packing up these guys... I'm gifting them to friends. Some will be mailed, some will be dropped off... So much fun! But I am done with booties for a bit. I made 14 pairs the past while and I need new craft adventures! Although I do love the owls plus the bright colours of the felt and embroidery floss.

And finally I'm helping my The Hive Printing peeps tomorrow. These guys are beyond awesome! Rebekah gave me this tank... I'm taking it on my treks to New York City and Havana. Retro map of Stanley Park will be adventuring with me.

And now to upcycle burlap and fabric samples from the Strathcona Business Improvement Association Resource Exchange. I'm making garlands. Should be happy, crafty times this weekend!


Upcoming upcycling workshops

No Crafternoons for a bit and I'm missing my crafty peeps! September will be a blast... Two trips booked plus three confirmed upcycling workshops with the possibility of a fourth.

First will be the two workshops I have in partnership with the City of Richmond on Sunday, September 14th. From 10:30am to 12:30pm is DIY Stationery for Thanksgiving and 1pm to 3pm is DIY Thanksgiving Gift Basket.

Find them on page 102 of the Parks, Rec and Culture Guide.

Then my Culture Days upcycling workshop 'Play with Words' is on Saturday, September 27th from 1:30pm to 3pm at the North Vancouver City Library. Participants will create words, banners and garlands using repurposed materials like burlap, scrap fabric, cardboard and paint.

Big thanks to the Vancouver Foundation for giving me a Neighbourhood Small Grants to cover costs for four upcycling workshops this year. Yay!

I'll also be facilitating one of the Creative Expressions Art Nights on Wednesday, October 8th from 7pm to 9pm. We're upcycling cereal boxes into desk organizers and gift boxes.

And I'm confirmed for another Trade School Vancouver class... Date to be announced soon enough. We're making jewelry and accessories out of repurposed materials.

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming Crafternoons. They're all free - you just need to bring your crafty mojo!


Making crafty magic

Yup - I'm making 'magic' happen. Or trying to! I donated my magic trunk to the Project Limelight Society this afternoon. Maureen and Donalda are awesome! And I'm so happy to have found the perfect home for my updated trunk.

I decided to also make a few magic wands to include with it. I first used an upcycled wool sweater for magic wand attempt #1...

First I cut out the front and back stars then buttonhole stitched them together and added eco fill...

I used a wood dowel for the wand part.

I found this uber funky silver duck tape at the Loonie Store. I thought I would use this to adhere the star to the wand.

One done... Not lovin' it but for now it's A-OK!

Next was making non-gold wands... I went with purple and then turquoise.

Here are three more in the works using scrap felt...

I went with scrap yarn instead of the silver tape for adhering the stars to the wands. And I used kookie colour combos. So much more fun!

Bright colours are so darn cute!

I'm feeling super magical these days... The time is now for leaps of faith, adventures and making 'something' of this whole crafty thang.

Me and my magic wands then packed up the trunk and dropped it off.

Here's the Project Limelight Society (225 East Georgia Street)... I was able to talk to Donalda for a bit. We're going to plan a workshop - it really seems to be a perfect partnership!

And now to finish up my plethora of baby booties then get into workshop prep. September is going to awesome!


Sharing the crafty love

I'm in the throws of stitching up another seven pairs of baby booties - all with owls. I'm giving them to friends since they were so popular. First stop was Michaels to get a few sheets of felt...

And uber bright embroidery thread.

I have a ton of felt but needed the yellow for beaks and then some turquoise and purple just cause.

Here's my assembly line of owls... Figuring out funky colour combos.

Stitched the eyes first then the wings and finally the beaks.

Now to stitch them to the booties...

I'm not an orange kind of gal but boy does the stitching 'pop' on this pair!

I tried to make the owls and stitching funsie... I love using a grey base for projects then ramping up the colours with the felt applique and stitching! I hope to have these done soon but need to move into workshop prep. I have three workshops next month in-between trips to New York City and Havana. Gonna be an awesome month of inspiration, craftiness, adventure, etc!

And I've found the perfect happy home for my magical trunk. I'm donating it to the Project Limelight Society. Project Limelight is a free performing arts program for children living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. I'm hoping to make a few magic wands before dropping the trunk off on Friday. No filling it up though! They need it for storage.

Now to stitch up booties, work on some burlap projects and get myself ready for my impending adventures.


Creative Expressions Art Nights

I have a new crafty, kewl peep! Yay! Christie got in touch with me awhile ago. She's a fellow crafter and upcycler - yup we have tons in common! She facilitates an ongoing event called Creative Expressions Art Nights. The Creative Expressions Art Nights are a free inclusive event open to all artistic skill levels, ages, and demographics, however event participants must identify as having either a mental health and/or addictions issue. Such a wonderful idea! Her workshops are funded by Consumer Initiative Fund and Vancouver Coastal Health.

I dropped in this Wednesday to check it out. It was a blast! Christie thought I could be a guest presenter at a future workshop. I'm totally in! So next is to send off some workshop ideas and plan a date.

Here's my new friend Jewel with her finished card. The night's project was DIY cards and bookmarks.

And here's Christie. She's pretty darn awesome. We've become fast friends! She's giving a workshop through Trade School Vancouver. I'm hoping I can make it! Plus we talked about facilitating a workshop together. And I'll do a guest spot at an upcoming Creative Expressions Art Nights. Crafters are the best kind of peeps!

Here's to the beginnings of a great friendship and tons of craftiness!


Kewl haunts & kewl peeps in Strathcona

On Friday I met up with a new crafty, upcycling peep... Judy from Upcycle That. We went on an adventure to the Strathcona Business Improvement Association's Resource Exchange. I needed burlap for my upcycling workshop in September and she had never been there.

The Resource Exchange is the perfect spot for finding upcycling supplies for free. It's a win win!

And here's their stash of burlap sacks. I grabbed a few for an upcycling workshop I have in September at the North Vancouver City Library as part of Culture Days. One of the upcycling projects is making garlands. These are perfect!

I also grabbed more fabric samples... They have TONS!

Then we trekked a bit more around Strathcona. Such a great area of town with loads of neat stores to check out.

Like Homesteader's Emporium... Rick opened Homesteader's Emporium a couple of years ago. You can buy your homesteading supplies here for raising chickens, urban gardening, canning and more. Plus they host workshops. Such a FAB place and Rick is pretty kewl.

Here's Rick... I'm definitely signing up for a workshop in the Fall.

And that was my quick jaunt in Strathcona on Friday... Hanging out with crafty peeps, picking up free stuff to repurpose and making new friends. A very fun afternoon!


Paint Night with my BFFs

This week was filled with seeing great friends, getting crafty and adventuring. First was Paint Nite with these two lovely ladies, Christina and Diana. We don't see enough of each other but our BFF dates are awesome. We share updates, laugh and generally have tons of fun.

Diana treated Christina and I to a paint night. The night we went to was hosted at Dunn's Famous Restaurant downtown and our painting was "Poppy Field".

The cost includes a blank canvas, paint and an instructor. Our instructor was Master Artist Monika and she was great! Here's my plate of paint goodness. I was ready!

We started by painting a horizon then adding our mountains and sky. My painting was not like everyone else's - I went a bit bold with the colours. I added a red mountain and went really bright yellow for the field.

Finally was adding the poppies in the foreground then we were done. It was a super fun night and I'm pretty happy with my painting. I might add a bit more paint then add a coat of Mod Podge to give the acrylic paint more va-va-voom. Then hopefully I can find a friend who can give it a home.

Photos from the evening can be found on Paint Nite's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/paintnitevancouver.