Giftie for one of my FAV BFFs

This weekend I took a bit of time on Saturday to make a birthday gift for one of my most favourite BFFs. Remember these clip on earrings I repurposed? Two into rings, two into a pair of regular earrings. Alas I lost one of the earrings and decided to update the lone earring into a ring for my BFF's birthday.

Here are the earrings from when I repurposed them the first time.

These turned out perfectly... And unfortunately one went missing.

I wanted to replicate how I updated the other earrings into gorgeous rings - one for me, one for my Mom.

I first glued the ring and clip on earring together.

Then I wrapped the ring like my first two updates.

And then it was done! Easy peasy and it looked stunning... Love DIY jewelry and giving it to great friends.

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