Easy peasy 'table' update

The past while I've been trying to get old projects done... I have a few pieces of furniture to fix up and these two foldable tables were waiting to be reloved. They could be chairs or stools but I'm going to use them as tables. Or give them away as tables. We'll see.

I had this super funsie fabric in my stash. I think it's from the now defunct Walmart fabric department. I thought it would be perfect!

Last night I decided to spend some zen time with my Singer and stitch up one of the table updates.

Here's the completed table - one down, one to go!

It was super easy to stitch up the fabric then add it to the table. Yay!

Such a great fabric - beautiful lines and colours.

So darn happy with the finished piece.

Next is to finish up table number two then find a happy home for both.

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