Overhaul of my happy home - part two

As you can see it was time to clean up my craft 'stuff'. I have so much with all the workshops I give and it was time to get my dining area back. I overhauled my place room by room. Man it was cathartic... And I purged a lot! Phew!

Yikes! It was a complete disaster area.

I managed to clean up not only my craft stuff but all my fabric stash, sewing stuff, tools and more. Wow!

I was super impressed with my ingenious way of organizing my DIY drawer pulls using an egg carton.

I 'found' kewl things... These are building blocks from my childhood. I might make something out of them.

And now I'm ready to get crafty... My craft/work space is looking uber fabulous!

It always feels good to have a space that inspires creativity and zen.

My happy, crafty space...

Love frames, photos, prints, mirrors...

Now it's time to kick some craft butt and make some funky things...

Happy crafting! It's time to sew... Pillow covers out of upcycled wool sweaters and fabric samples. Fun!


  1. I love, love, love the "Rain, rain, go away..." sign. LOVE IT! Happy crafting to you!

  2. Happy crafting to you too Carol! I love the sign too! Grabbed it at a stationery store on Granville Island then pinned it to you a thrift store frame. Yay! :-)