Overhaul of my happy home - part one

This weekend is all about sewing and cleaning up my trunk donation. Last weekend was all about overhauling my place... Purging, gifting, organizing. It was intense but super productive!

I finally hung my jewelry organizer in my bedroom. First was finding wire...

I hung it above my dresser then added my necklaces. Yay!

I sorted through my jewelry and figured out a way to organize all of my rings, earrings and brooches together.

I used different items to help organize like this funky martini glass from the Salvation Army for my earrings.

Here's my newly organized jewelry area. We'll see how long it stays like this!

Man I have tons of jewelry but most of it is DIY pieces or thrift store finds.

So happy with my salvaged wood jewelry organizer! I may have to make more... We'll see!

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