Maker Faire day 2, workshops & meeting new peeps

Day 2 at Maker Faire... It was not what I expected and a bit disappointing but well worth the time and effort. I met so many great people and crafted with a few.

First I was finalizing some workshop materials. I dropped by the North Vancouver ReStore to pick up salvaged wood and drawer pulls.

I then packed up my sample projects... I've made tons of organizers! I definitely need to find homes for these!

Here's my favourite - I'm keeping this one! I think I'll hang it in my bedroom above my dresser then add necklaces to it.

Once I packed up supplies for the two workshops, DIY Wood Pallet Organizer Workshop and Jewelry Out Of 'Junk' Workshop, my BFF Mike and I set off. Mike is such a FAB friend - he agreed to help me with set up, etc. Once we set up, we then trekked around Maker Faire before the workshops.

Here's one of the kewl people I met - Roxanne from Arts Umbrella.

She ended up crafting with Mike and I... The workshops weren't super popular and my first one had no registrations. Hard to believe since I usually have on average 40 participants. The workshops were $15 each but not a highlight I guess. Total bummer! But Mike, Roxanne and I had a blast!

Here's Roxanne and her final project.

And this little guy was beyond sweet! He hung out with us briefly and decided his Mom needed a gift from Maker Faire so he picked out one of my sample projects to take home with him.

He was such a cutie patootie!!

My second workshop had one registrant and she was awesome. I then had three or more 'helpers'. We had a blast turning 'junk' into jewelry. Not all was lost... Two minimally attended workshops but I made tons of new crafty peeps, connected with a bunch of cyber friends in person and then have a couple of potential partnerships in the works.

Sometimes you take chances and they succeed and sometimes they seem to fail but usually good things come out of everything. I'm glad I gave Maker Faire a go... Trying new things is never bad. Now on to getting crafty!

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