Fun with my fabric sample book

I'm in the throws of a major purge and overhaul of my place... Organizing my crafty stuff, purging and gifting items and generally cleaning up all of my upcycling workshop materials. It's exhausting, fun and taking forever! So I took a breather to quickly stitch up an owl using an upcycled wool sweater, junky buttons and funky fabric from a fabric sample book I picked up at the Strathcona Business Improvement Association Resource Exchange.

The fabric sample book has tons of kewl fabrics in bright colours, fun designs, etc.

I decided to make a mauve owl and use a patterned fabric for the wings.

Here's the start of my owl... Cute!

I used a bright green floss to stitch the front and back together...

And he's done! Easy peasy!

Here's the lowdown using A Beautiful Mess how to collage...

Soon I'll post about my purging adventures... I have a few projects I'm giving away - sharing IS caring. And I'm definitely making more stuffies using the swanky fabrics from the sample book. Score!

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