DIY drawer pulls out of 'junk'

Remember these boring wood drawer pulls I picked up at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore not too long ago? Well they're not boring anymore! I gave them an easy peasy update and made them glamorous!

After a coat of primer they were a blank canvas waiting to be made pretty...

In one of my recent thrift store treks I found these kookie clip on earrings for $1.99. I can't imagine wearing these on my earlobes! But for an upcycling project - they are perfect!

And totally fit with my wood drawer pull update... I painted the pulls with a mix of grey and silver craft paint to match the earring embellishment.

Then got out a pair of my trusty pliers then took the clip on off. Now was ready to adhere the pulls and earrings together!

They're going to look so darn pretty!

This is the glue that the guy at Rona recommended... LePage construction adhesive. I'm ready to finish up my one of a kind drawer pulls.

Here they are - pretty darn snazzy! They cost me under $10 and took less than an hour to create. Score!

Here's the A Beautiful Mess how to...

And I posted a guide to Snapguide... I now have 100 followers. Kewl!

And now to prep for next weekend's Vancouver Mini Maker Faire upcycling workshops. It's gonna be a funday Sunday!

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