DIY drawer pulls out of 'junk' - part two

I have a new craft addiction to add to my very long list... Making boring drawer pulls pretty! It's so fun, easy, cheap... Rewarding.

After yesterday's pair of drawer pull updates were done... I was ready to conquer a couple more! I dragged out old 'junk' jewelry to see what could work.

Someone donated this ring awhile ago. It could work - maybe? So I grabbed my trusty Exacto knife and removed the jewel...

All my drawer pulls are looking very glamorous... A bit over the top but why not!

This pendant was so perfect for my final drawer pull update... I got this at Value Village ages ago with a matching pair of earrings. I never wear the pendant even though it's so lovely.

This time the job required a pair of pliers. I cut off the top part of the pendant. Easy!

The light grey seemed to light... A bit of painting then a coat of varathane was all these pulls needed before adding the embellishments.

Four drawer pulls updated, two salvaged wood organizers done... I got some serious craftiness done this weekend!

This is my favourite by far! It fits perfectly on top of the drawer pull.

Waiting for the construction adhesive to dry... So darn pretty!

Here's the rundown thanks to A Beautiful Mess...

And now to move on to other workshop prep. Hope you try this idea out - it's cheap, easy... And highly addictive!

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