Another hexagon pillow done!

Awww hexagons... Who knew I'd love you so much! Last night I was chilling out and I had all these hexagons I had cut out so... Yup... I stitched up another pillow. Why not?! I have tons of pillow forms to use up. Yikes! Then I'll be finding these beauties happy homes.

Here's the colour/pattern combo I put together...

And another one is done. Yay!

I used a bright turquoise thread for the hexagons.

Here's the happy couple. Aren't they pretty?

Next will be the big pillow forms. I found a large wool sweater at the Salvation Army on Friday so I'm all set.


For the love of... Hexagons!

Sometimes you get an idea and you have to implement it... That's what happened this week. I wanted to make something using the free fabric samples I picked up at the Strathcona Business Improvement Association Resource Exchange awhile ago. Plus I found tons of pillow forms last weekend while overhauling my place.

First I printed out some hexagons. No idea why but I figured hexagons would be the perfect shape for a pillow cover design.

I started cutting hexagons out of patterned and solid fabric samples.

I went a bit crazy with the hexagons.

I decided on this set of hexagons then repurposed a thrift store jacket for the front of the pillow cover.

I pinned the hexagons to the jacket then picked out a bright thread for the stitching.

Here's the pillow cover. Looks pretty good!

The stitching is funsie...

I used some old grey fabric for the back. I love using an envelope back for pillow covers. Very simple and looks good!

Here's the rundown on the pillow cover process...

This pillow is 18 inches by 12 inches. Next I'm tackling a 26 inch by 26 inch pillow cover.


Overhaul of my happy home - part two

As you can see it was time to clean up my craft 'stuff'. I have so much with all the workshops I give and it was time to get my dining area back. I overhauled my place room by room. Man it was cathartic... And I purged a lot! Phew!

Yikes! It was a complete disaster area.

I managed to clean up not only my craft stuff but all my fabric stash, sewing stuff, tools and more. Wow!

I was super impressed with my ingenious way of organizing my DIY drawer pulls using an egg carton.

I 'found' kewl things... These are building blocks from my childhood. I might make something out of them.

And now I'm ready to get crafty... My craft/work space is looking uber fabulous!

It always feels good to have a space that inspires creativity and zen.

My happy, crafty space...

Love frames, photos, prints, mirrors...

Now it's time to kick some craft butt and make some funky things...

Happy crafting! It's time to sew... Pillow covers out of upcycled wool sweaters and fabric samples. Fun!

Overhaul of my happy home - part one

This weekend is all about sewing and cleaning up my trunk donation. Last weekend was all about overhauling my place... Purging, gifting, organizing. It was intense but super productive!

I finally hung my jewelry organizer in my bedroom. First was finding wire...

I hung it above my dresser then added my necklaces. Yay!

I sorted through my jewelry and figured out a way to organize all of my rings, earrings and brooches together.

I used different items to help organize like this funky martini glass from the Salvation Army for my earrings.

Here's my newly organized jewelry area. We'll see how long it stays like this!

Man I have tons of jewelry but most of it is DIY pieces or thrift store finds.

So happy with my salvaged wood jewelry organizer! I may have to make more... We'll see!


Gotta love donations!

Yay for new to me items! I received this vintage trunk donation from a coworker. It's definitely got potential!

I gave it a quick vacuum and will work on it this weekend. Get out the soap and water then it should start to look pretty darn swanky!

Love the wood pieces on the bottom.

And the funky paper on the inside...

Neato design!

I'll polish up the metal and hope to clean up a bunch of the rust.

Once I've cleaned up the trunk then I'll find a happy home for it... Might be the perfect home for some of my fabric finds!


Fun with my fabric sample book

I'm in the throws of a major purge and overhaul of my place... Organizing my crafty stuff, purging and gifting items and generally cleaning up all of my upcycling workshop materials. It's exhausting, fun and taking forever! So I took a breather to quickly stitch up an owl using an upcycled wool sweater, junky buttons and funky fabric from a fabric sample book I picked up at the Strathcona Business Improvement Association Resource Exchange.

The fabric sample book has tons of kewl fabrics in bright colours, fun designs, etc.

I decided to make a mauve owl and use a patterned fabric for the wings.

Here's the start of my owl... Cute!

I used a bright green floss to stitch the front and back together...

And he's done! Easy peasy!

Here's the lowdown using A Beautiful Mess how to collage...

Soon I'll post about my purging adventures... I have a few projects I'm giving away - sharing IS caring. And I'm definitely making more stuffies using the swanky fabrics from the sample book. Score!


Maker Faire day 2, workshops & meeting new peeps

Day 2 at Maker Faire... It was not what I expected and a bit disappointing but well worth the time and effort. I met so many great people and crafted with a few.

First I was finalizing some workshop materials. I dropped by the North Vancouver ReStore to pick up salvaged wood and drawer pulls.

I then packed up my sample projects... I've made tons of organizers! I definitely need to find homes for these!

Here's my favourite - I'm keeping this one! I think I'll hang it in my bedroom above my dresser then add necklaces to it.

Once I packed up supplies for the two workshops, DIY Wood Pallet Organizer Workshop and Jewelry Out Of 'Junk' Workshop, my BFF Mike and I set off. Mike is such a FAB friend - he agreed to help me with set up, etc. Once we set up, we then trekked around Maker Faire before the workshops.

Here's one of the kewl people I met - Roxanne from Arts Umbrella.

She ended up crafting with Mike and I... The workshops weren't super popular and my first one had no registrations. Hard to believe since I usually have on average 40 participants. The workshops were $15 each but not a highlight I guess. Total bummer! But Mike, Roxanne and I had a blast!

Here's Roxanne and her final project.

And this little guy was beyond sweet! He hung out with us briefly and decided his Mom needed a gift from Maker Faire so he picked out one of my sample projects to take home with him.

He was such a cutie patootie!!

My second workshop had one registrant and she was awesome. I then had three or more 'helpers'. We had a blast turning 'junk' into jewelry. Not all was lost... Two minimally attended workshops but I made tons of new crafty peeps, connected with a bunch of cyber friends in person and then have a couple of potential partnerships in the works.

Sometimes you take chances and they succeed and sometimes they seem to fail but usually good things come out of everything. I'm glad I gave Maker Faire a go... Trying new things is never bad. Now on to getting crafty!