Updating thrift store t-shirts in a jiffy

Today I had a craft date with Kat from Our Social Fabric. I met up with Kat a few weeks ago to talk about partnering up for upcycling workshops in the Our Social Fabric space. We brainstormed on some ideas and decided to start out with an easy peasy update to thrift store t-shirts.

We gathered materials - bleach, a spray bottle, doilies and a few thrift store t-shirts. Here's the beginnings of our initial attempt at updating a thrift store t-shirt. We used the doilies for blocking out a design on the t-shirt.

We then sprayed the t-shirt with bleach...

Here's the beginnings of the updated t-shirt...

We hung the t-shirt then let the bleach do its work!

We used doilies for a couple of the t-shirt updates. So darn easy!

We then played with other items like bike gears and a chain.

And leaves...

We had a blast cranking out the t-shirt updates!

Here are my favourites - one using a fern, one using the bike gears and chain then one using doilies. Gorgeous!

Kat and I are going to try out some more ideas then hope to have an upcycling workshop soon. Stay tuned for details!

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