Snail mail crafty goodness rocks!

Last week was the best for snail mail packages! I received three super lovely gifties from friends from afar. First I received a belated birthday gift from my uber fabulous partner-in-crime, Roly. All the way from Havana transported by a coworker. A sappy card, a mug and then my absolute favourite Cuban coffee. So darn yummy!

And then a couple of paintings from my BFF in Ottawa, Tara.

She always finds the bestest cards. And she's such a sap! This just warmed my heart!

My last gift is from a new crafty friend. Jae-Eun Natalie Pilsbury is a Contemporary Surrealist Painter who lives in Westbrook, Maine. I received an email from her about a necklace I made ages ago. She fell in love with it so I gave it to her. We then decided to exchange crafty goodness. I sent off the necklace, some wine cork earrings and a wool sweater brooch. Here's my stash - a painting, a necklace, some postcards and more. I was spoiled!!

And what a lovely note she enclosed!

And now to work on more snail mail packages... One for Tara... One for a new crafty peep, Katie at Thisel and Bean. Sharing is caring!

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